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plain coloured T shirts - where can I get them?

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Tommy Thu 21-Apr-05 15:24:46

I'm looking for plain coloured T shirts for the DSs - online if possible. Everywhere I've looked only have ones with logos or stuff on them - I just want plain!

motherinferior Thu 21-Apr-05 15:26:14

Tesco often has them.

Marina Thu 21-Apr-05 15:26:58

Could you try H & M? I dispaired of this for dd but found several nice, inexpensive, completely plain t shirts for her there.
If online is essential, then Mini-Boden do them. Their stuff is expensive but does last and last and last.

Tommy Thu 21-Apr-05 15:27:09

you can't get clothes online at Tesco can you? (so lazy - don't want to drive there to see if they have them!)

Tommy Thu 21-Apr-05 15:33:27

will try H&M - it's nearer than tesco and Boden don't have the colour I need - thanks

Beansmum Thu 21-Apr-05 15:40:09

I saw some nice plain ones in H&M, also zara had some. or try here

janinlondon Thu 21-Apr-05 16:22:49

Best ones I have found have been from LL Bean in the US. Great quality. Never shrink. And they are online.

Tommy Thu 21-Apr-05 18:10:43

could you do a link to the American site janinlondon?
(God - I am soooooo lazy...)

swiperfox Thu 21-Apr-05 18:12:40

Tesco do plain t-shirts. They're nice quality andlasttimeilooked in there they were £1!!

JanH Thu 21-Apr-05 18:17:05

Jako-o have loads of logo-free stuff. Slightly complicated by their being abroad but I don't think it's a problem.

(LL Bean are nice, but their shipping is expensive and I think you are more likely to have to pay duty etc. I nearly bought something from their catalogue once but when I looked at the shipping details it put me off.)

JanH Thu 21-Apr-05 18:20:16

LL Bean kids

Tommy Thu 21-Apr-05 19:57:32

Thanks - I have been to Jako (from previous MN reccommendation!) but they didn't have one of the sizes I wanted - I am aiming for the cute "both DSs in the same outfit for weddings etc" look. I have their shorts coming fromk Next and nice checked shirts but wanted T shirts for underneath. I will check out this US one. Or, probably end up in tesco!!!
Thanks all

bellababe Thu 21-Apr-05 20:17:18

Have you tried The Childrens Warehouse ? It has got loads of really good basics such as t-shirts, polo shirts, long sleeved cotton shirts, chinos, shorts, etc in lots of different colours.

JanH Thu 21-Apr-05 21:14:11

Good one, bellababe! (New to me.) Children's Warehouse T shirts - 18 colours, up to 11-12!

Tommy Thu 21-Apr-05 23:30:15

Thank you so much! Very efficient

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