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Bebe confort modulo clip system

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aloha Wed 20-Apr-05 22:28:25

Hi, I have a bebe confort pram - not v new - and a bebe confort car seat. I understand I could attach the car seat to the chassis if I had a 'modulo clip system' - but I don't know what it is! Can anyone help - and can I buy the clips without buying a new pram/chassis? It would be useful for going round the shops I think.

Teaandcake Thu 21-Apr-05 21:01:15

Hello, is your car seat called 'Elios'? If so, you can buy a set of clips to make it fit. You need to know there name of your chassis though because there used to be two types requiring slightly different shaped clips. They are obsolete now and Bebe Confort no longer make them, however some stores may still have one or two sets hidden in the corner of their stockroom somewhere. There are some in the shop where I work but I don't know what type or colour (they came in navy and black).

I'm quite new to MN so I don't yet know how we could contact each other.

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