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£160 to replace/repair the drum on Hotpoint washing machine. Reasonable or rip off?

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amazonianwoman Thu 26-Mar-09 09:06:12

My Hotpoint washing machine is just 3 years old and won't spin properly - it's unbelievably noisy, sounds like it's going to take off.

I got our usual engineer expecting him to say something's got stuck again but he reckons the drum is broken and will cost £160 to repair and will take 2 working days.

The machine only cost about £300! Am I being ripped off?!

fishie Thu 26-Mar-09 09:12:56

i wouldn't do it for a machine of that age.
mine blew the circuit board and we found a new part on the internet for £90.

but the risk that something else might go on it was enough to make me put the £90 towards a new one (john lewis £273 jolly good my sis got one too).

morningpaper Thu 26-Mar-09 09:13:50

It's probably a reasonable price but I would buy a new machine and then have 2 or 3 years' warranty

herbietea Thu 26-Mar-09 09:15:42

Message withdrawn

slug Thu 26-Mar-09 09:38:46

It should still be under guarantee. There was something in Which a few months ago about white goods and that they should reasonably be expected to last at least 5 years. If not, they're not 'fit for purpose'.

AMumInScotland Thu 26-Mar-09 10:29:50

It's probably a fair price for the job - this happened to ours while it was still under warranty, and the guy had to take the entire thing apart to change the drum - we had the whole of the machine in pieces up our driveway!

But I wouldn't have paid for it if it hadn't been covered by the warranty - you could try to get them to repair it as not fit for purpose, since it's reasonable to think it should last longer than 3 years. Or as others have said, use the money to buy a new one.

amazonianwoman Thu 26-Mar-09 11:47:58

Thanks all, seems the general consensus is get a new one!

Slug - I didn't take out any extended guarantee scheme, just the basic 12 months or whatever. You don't have a link to the Which report do you?

shouldbeironing Thu 26-Mar-09 12:02:20

It might be worth - if you still have the receipt - going back to the retailer to complain that the drum should not need replacing after only three years. The Which report is right, it doesnt have to be under warranty - if it hasnt lasted a "reasonable" length of time then it is not "fit for purpose".
Or you could try calling Hotpoint themselves and saying that an engineer has told you that the drum needs replacing and that you think this is not something which should need doing after only three years and it is not fit for purpose and you expect them to replace it.
It is worth a try - nothing to lose at the end of the day.

sazm Thu 26-Mar-09 12:59:28

our old hotpoint had the same problem,it was the bearings in the drum that were away,
wasnt worth fixing so we bought a newer model,

Nabster Thu 26-Mar-09 13:00:19

it is about right

get a new one

have had 3 do this - excess use apparently hmm

slug Thu 26-Mar-09 13:04:20

There's something here Some more here and some sample letters here

Tis is from the website

Your rights if something you buy is faulty
If something you have bought is faulty, you could be legally entitled to a free repair or replacement from the retailer you bought it from, even after the manufacturer's guarantee has run out.

The Sale of Goods Act says that goods should be of ‘satisfactory quality’ and last a ‘reasonable’ amount of time. If something develops a fault, the retailer is legally responsible if the product could not have reasonably been expected to develop that fault at the time it did.

So, for example, if the LED display on a £20 DVD player breaks after two years you probably won't have a claim. But if a £200 DVD player breaks down completely after two years, you may be able to claim against the retailer.

amazonianwoman Thu 26-Mar-09 13:50:55

Brilliant, thanks all again.

Is everything these days programmed to pack in after a few years?? angry

I don't consider 5 x week excess use for a washing machine angry

Just spoken to another reliable engineer who said he'd buy a new one. And not a Hotpoint.

I really want to kick up a fuss about the "fit for purpose" argument.

But then I also need to get everything washed asap before going to Ireland this weekend hmm

sazm Thu 26-Mar-09 13:54:30

lol, i think its also your luck with these things lol
my 2 sisters also have the same htpoint machine as me and no probs,

one sister had an indest for 15yrs (and she bought it second hand then!),when it broke she bought a new indesit and has had the engineer out every month at least once,
she now has a hotpoint,

good luck in your searchx

Nabster Thu 26-Mar-09 16:43:07

mine is on about 20+ times a week..

amazonianwoman Thu 26-Mar-09 18:08:45

Caved in and ordered a new one which is coming tomorrow afternoon. Trying a Zanussi this time hmm

I didn't overuse the last one but may have overloaded it regularly blush

Tamarto Thu 26-Mar-09 18:20:36

overloading it can cause that problem especially with hotpoints.

amazonianwoman Fri 27-Mar-09 15:42:10

New Zanussi installed at 2pm and on my second load already grin

sazm Fri 27-Mar-09 22:30:32

lol,quite right hehe,its like winning the lottery (well nearly) when you have been without one lol

ShirleyL Fri 27-Mar-09 22:34:43

Am interested in this thread. Have my whirlpool tumble dryer just over 2 years. I went to the shop I bought it from today and they said that as I didn't take out the extended guarantee there's not much I can do except maybe contact whirlpool themselves. I have had a repair man look at it and the part is going to cost over £100 and then labour on top of that.

Can I use the 'sales of good act' or just buy a new machine, I paid £250 for the original one

stressed2007 Sat 28-Mar-09 13:51:16

worth a try based on the which bits - let us all know how you get on

ShirleyL Mon 30-Mar-09 10:18:39

Not looking good, the retailers I bought it off are standing firm and are saying its out of its 1 year warranty there's nothing they can do. Rang whirlpool customer services they said the same but were quite cheeky about it. The rang the consumer advice line and they have told me to write a letter and if that fails then take it to the small claims court. I'm honestly thinking its not worth the hassle now and will probably just buy a new machine

blithedance Tue 31-Mar-09 13:00:49

Washing machines are not built to last any more. They have plastic drums whereas the old ones were metal, so they break easily.

More than you can imagine on the subject here!

stressed2007 Tue 31-Mar-09 13:19:04

call trading standards and speak to them!

ShirleyL Wed 01-Apr-09 16:56:10

contacted them. As the machine is over 6 months old I have to now get an engineers report stating that its a manufacturers fault rather than general wear and tear and then will see from there.

jennyftm Thu 21-Apr-11 10:03:13

We were unlucky enough to have the previous "cursed" Hotpoint model which featured on Watchdog and cost us a fortune in repairs - it was notorious !

We now have the Hotpoint WT760 and it is now proving just as bad ! We have the same problem as first poster - drum has failed after only 3 years (would expect a machine to give at least 10 years use if not 20 as in the old days).
So after 3 years ! and we've had local repairer out for a few minor fixes already - door handle failed.
However it turns out if you have a high spin (1600 rpm) machine you should use the lower spin button to reduce spin speed unless doing something like towels. Apparently these models have been quite unreliable and you're prob. better getting a 1200 spin machine even though clothes may be a little more damp when they come out.

To the people who recommend spending another £350 on a new machine when we already have an ONLY 3 year old machine (ie new machine) then all I can say is you must have too much money !
We are killing ourselves thinking about the £170 pound and really hope we definitely get a replacement at the end of it and they dont wriggle out using some small print.
However I am not buying a Hotpoint ever again - i've had enough !

(We have had to spend £1000 on tyres in the last few years as we keep getting nails in them - not sure from where but probably all the extensions being built near us- so money is just being spent on too many unnecessary things ! - and the share prices have fallen so much we've lost most of our savings on that too ! - not happy !)

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