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Which back carrier do people recommend?

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CheerfulSoul Sun 22-Mar-09 20:18:27

We want to get a baby back carrier - looked in the Mothercare catalogue which currently has 5 options - two own brand and three from Littlelife. I like the look of the Mothercare premium back carrier which has a really good sun canopy but the baby looks quite low down compared to the others. Has anyone bought one of the five to make comments on or bought an alternative one that they are happy with? Apart from Mothercare what are the other shops to buy one from?

whyme2 Sun 22-Mar-09 20:44:10

I bought a mei tai back carrier from ebay and it is fantastic. Comfy to wear and baby loves it. I haven't any experience of the mother care range although BIL and family really rave over their ittle life back carrier.
Perhaps try a outdoor shop like Millets. They sometimes carry stuff like this.

camembertandcranberry Sun 22-Mar-09 20:48:28

Ergo is fab....much more portable than the framed ones.

littlelamb Sun 22-Mar-09 20:55:18

Ergo, absolutely. My rule of thumb with all the equipment I have ever bought in Mothercare quite frankly is that if they sell it in there then it must be crap wink, especially with carriers.
It is so comfortable and my 9 mo loves it. I can get it on and off by myself with no probem. I bought from Free Range Kids for £72 which is the cheapest I could find. It is a lot but it will last me for a long time and the resale is good.

kittywise Sun 22-Mar-09 20:56:10

ergo, for sure.

threetinytots Sun 22-Mar-09 21:32:07

Mei Tai. I had a framed back carrier(littlelife) and couldn't wear it for more than 15 minutes before my back started to ache. I carry my 18m old daily for the school run and on day trips at the weekend in a Mei Tai(beansling or babyhawk) with no problem at all. In fact, she feels almost weightless!

mawbroon Sun 22-Mar-09 21:32:09

Ergo for me I must say. I still carry ds who is 3.5yo and 36lbs when he has had enough of walking.

Mummyfor3 Sun 22-Mar-09 21:36:33

Yep, Ergo here too.
You can find some at a good price on ebay smile

Concordia Sun 22-Mar-09 21:44:53

when we looked into this outdoor shops sold much better ones than baby shops. we bought a vau de one which was £120 a copule of years ago. very comfy for wearer and child but DS grew out of it at around 2 1/2 (became too tall) and i read in reviews that its not good for bigger children.

BarStoolCobra Sun 22-Mar-09 21:45:51

I have a fantastic one that is just like a piece of material - I will go and look up the maker.

Loopymumsy Mon 23-Mar-09 08:31:16

Message withdrawn

Astrophe Mon 23-Mar-09 08:41:21

We have a Little Life one and really like it. I had an ergo too and liked it, but DS grew out of it quite quickly - seems to hang out of it. I found it comfy in terms of weight distribution, but a bit uncomfy in terms of the construction (shoulder straps, belt etc). I am a size 14 and 175 cm tall, so big, but not massive, and found the ergo very small for me.

Little life - the DC feel heavier in it - I guess because they are carried further from my body - but Its good for wearing for longer walks/days out, and good for heavier DC. The straps are very padded, and the size is good. DH definately prefers the Little life, which is a big plus in my book.

Good luck deciding

FrannyandZooey Mon 23-Mar-09 08:43:32

what age is it for?

mrsgboring Mon 23-Mar-09 08:47:52

Yes, what age, and what do you want to use it for? What features are you looking for?

Astrophe, that's a slightly unusual problem to have with the Ergo - suspect you may have been able to tweak the way you wore it to get better use. Most people can carry 3 or 4 year olds in an Ergo.

nannynick Mon 23-Mar-09 08:54:30

I love my Little Life Voyager smile Only got it a few weeks ago and I think it's great. Was 33% Off, which helps!

In the past I've used a cheap metal framed backcarrier, which was ok but did dig into my back. The Little Life Voyager does not have any noticeable frame (though must have one internally somewhere as it keeps it's shape) and has adjustable everything, so many things to adjust that I don't think I've tried adjusting everything yet.
I especially like the way that the child is held in the seat (a problem with previous carriers). The Voyager has a 3-point harness plus then you adjust the side straps which pull the back closer to the front, thus squishing the child slightly and thus holding them in place.
It is quite bulky but that is good actually, as it means I have a First Aid kit in the base, room for bottles/drink beakers, sandwiches etc. The smaller backpack (which I put snacks and nappy changing things in) detaches - so older child can carry it if he so wishes.
I was looking for a backcarrier that would last a good 5+ years... as I work with children, so needed something that was very durable.
And as a bloke, I do like the styling of the Voyager... it's more a blokes baby carrier I feel.

nannynick Mon 23-Mar-09 09:03:09

The Voyager will take up to 18 Kgs, so a child around the age of 3 to 4, depending on their weight. Suitable from around age of 6 months.

Mine has only had a few outings so far, so still going through test phase - I found adjusting the back shoulder straps position has helped distribute the weight better, while still letting 1 year old look over my head.
So far I've been up Box Hill (Surrey), around the Magna Carta (Runnymede) and several times around Windsor Great Park. Need to find more places to go walking now, preferably with nice hills to climb, rivers to cross on stepping stones etc. Opens up many more walk places than taking the buggy.

Astrophe Mon 23-Mar-09 09:25:39

mrsgboring - I can really see why other people like it, but didn't quite suit me. DS never fell out of it or anything, but just seems a bit awkward, especially when he slept.

nannynick - our LL carrier is the middle priced one - without detachable back pack. We have always wished we got it though, as the zippered section on the back of ours, whilst handy, is quite awkward to get things out of. The big underneath section is great for carrying things in though.

kayzr Mon 23-Mar-09 09:28:20

We have the Little Life Cross Country carrier and it is brilliant. It is from 6 months to 4 years.

Galava Mon 23-Mar-09 09:31:27

Gosh I'm really surprised that people are still carrying 3 and 4 year olds around.

Arent they really heavy ?

I have a Vaude which has been used for 3 children, but tbh at 2.4 I've had enough of him in it now.

Is an ergo really much better ?

Maybe I'm just a weakling !

Astrophe Mon 23-Mar-09 09:48:44

galava - I don't carry my 3 or 4 year olds and haven't for a while...but neither of them has put on more than a kg or two over the past year, so in terms of weight, I think carrying a 3.5 year old is not much more than carrying a 2.5 year old!

ThingOne Mon 23-Mar-09 09:54:20

We won an all singing dancing framed one (eitehr bush baby or little life) from mumsnet when DS1 was a baby. DH liked it, and it was great in sunny weather as we could protect him well from the sun.

I always found the ergo more comfortable and far more portable. And I just have the early ones, and my shoulders are a bit too narrow for it. If ergos don't fit there is a good choice of other "structured soft carriers". this site has a good selection. As well as ebay there is a yahoo group called ukbabywearingswap where people buy and sell second hand carriers.

Galava - my five year old weighs 15.5kg. I'm sure most people could easily carry him on their backs wink.

mawbroon Mon 23-Mar-09 09:57:23

I don't carry my 3.5yo ds that often. Either when he has walked far enough and can't do it any more, or if I have to be somewhere in a hurry and don't have time to dawdle along looking at every dog poo or stick that might be lying on the path.

i think to suddenly try to carry a child of that age seems impossible, but if you have been carrying for a long time, it's just a few more ounces here and there and you don't really notice them getting heavy.

mrsgboring Mon 23-Mar-09 09:57:40

I don't carry my 3yo either, as I make him walk, but I am a mad babywearer so know quite a few people who use them exclusively instead of a buggy, and as we know from many threads, there are plenty of 3 and 4yos who use a buggy occasionally.

The closer you can get the child to your body, the easier it will be to carry the weight - that's why soft carriers such as the Ergo, Mei tais etc. do so well. They also pack up small so are good for anywhere you want to minimise luggage - camping in a small tent, public transport etc.

I've not used a backpack, but mainly hanker after them for their ease of putting DC in and out, and the type that double as a seat on the ground if you so wish. But mostly I need the other type so can't justify the cost.

nannynick Mon 23-Mar-09 10:04:56

Not carried an older child (age 3+) in a backcarrier, but have certainly had them on top of my shoulders.
Do you remember ever being on the shoulders of your Dad when you were little?

Lawks Mon 23-Mar-09 10:05:47

I utterly utterly love my Patapum. I think it's just like an Ergo, but have never actually held an Ergo so don't know for sure. I carry my enormous 10 month old everywhere in it and he loves it and also goes to sleep in it quite happily. It's perfectly comfortable to carry my 3-year-old in too on the odd occasion that she's feeling precious and needs a carry. She sleeps in it too. If I'd known how briliant it was I would never have bothered buying a double buggy.

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