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Help!! I need a sunshade and a raincover for a rear facing pushchair with no hood...

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Poppity Sat 21-Mar-09 19:35:06


I am new to this, so please forgive any inaccuracies!
I have a lovely Bebe Confort Urban Life, but the pushchair part has no hood, I just have a parasol to use with it.
I like to use it rear facing, and I am struggling to find a rain cover and better sun shade to work with it in this position.
Any ideas gratefully received!!!

Umlellala Sat 21-Mar-09 20:22:02

Hi, I was searching for the same thing recently (though ended up buying a Buzz and donating the pushchair to charity blush)

Found this Accessory Pack in Mothercare - comes in other colours but I don't know if the hood would attach properly?

Umlellala Sat 21-Mar-09 20:24:35

Maybe this? Shade-a-Babe - you could maybe then put a standard stroller raincover over (or one designed for a rear-facing pram - Buzz, Britax Vigour, Loola etc)

NellieTheEllie Sat 21-Mar-09 23:33:24

this is a great sunshade. Not any good for the rain though.

onadietcokebreak Sat 21-Mar-09 23:50:29

If you do go for the shade a babe is cheap at the mo and you can have it delivered in store for free.

Poppity Sun 22-Mar-09 14:39:54

Hi, thanks for your replies, but I think both those sunshades need an existing hood, I love the kidopottamus one, but it says "any canopied" pushchair, I am not sure with the shade a babe one, it looks like the hood is holding that up too?
The mothercare one looks useful, but I think it needs the handles to attach to?
I need a self supporting one, and a rain cover that is self supporting and doesn't need to attach to the handles at the back....
Not asking for much am I hmm

Poppity Sun 22-Mar-09 14:56:18

Think I might have to go for one of these
this page

Anyone used one? Are they much good? I'm worried the rain will just soak through where it touches.

I've found lots of framed rain covers, Umlellala, did you find any that didn't need to attach at the back to handles? You say about those brands, are their raincovers designed to be used when the seat is rear facing? It doesn't explain on the websites I have looked on angry.

Thanks so much!

Umlellala Sun 22-Mar-09 20:30:23

Not sure, I gave up! Like you, couldn't find any info so was nearly gonna take a gamble on the accessory pack...

The brands I suggested, you can use the raincover rear-facing but I think they go over a hood hmm. Wasn't sure with the shade-a-babe if it was a structured thing or not... It's annoying isn;t it? Maybe search ebay

mumlove Sun 22-Mar-09 20:56:53

I would take a trip to Mothercare and try this raincover

and this sun shade.

I used this sort on my rear facing bebe confort 8 years ago.

Argos also do a similar raincover.

CarGirl Sun 22-Mar-09 20:59:41

You need to get a large universal framed raincover that will fit it, it should work rear facing too like they did on the old silvercross wayfarer.

ChasingSquirrels Sun 22-Mar-09 21:04:44

can't you get a hood?
I have an Actuv Life which is pretty similar and that has a hood.

mumlove Sun 22-Mar-09 21:08:09

Do you live close to this

ChasingSquirrels Sun 22-Mar-09 21:16:21

or this if you can get it cheap - for the hood.

CarGirl Sun 22-Mar-09 21:27:54

Those bebe conforts are fab, I've had one!

Poppity Thu 26-Mar-09 12:54:27

Thanks for all your replies, you've all been so helpful!
I'm going to take it to Mothercare and try those ones out mumlove- I've got so used to internet shopping I almost forgot I could do that!!
Sadly I don't live near either of those ebay ones, but another top idea, I'll keep my eye on ebay too.
Chasingsquirrels, it should have a hood, I can't seem to get a replacement hood from the manufacturer, it seems they only do parts for current pushchairs, but any suggestions gratefully received if you know of a parts place?
It is such a nice pushchair I am loathe to give it up. I've had 7 pushchairs shock and this is the best all round. Loved my similar mamas and papas one, but it was ENORMOUS in comparison, and hubby hated it for that reason alone!

Sorrento Thu 26-Mar-09 13:19:40

The windoo carry cot hood would fit onto your seat unit if that helps at all, might make attaching a raincover and sun shade easier if you can find a spare on ebay.

Poppity Fri 27-Mar-09 17:02:37

Hi Sorrento,

I have the matching carrycot, no idea if it's the windoo.
I guess it can't be as the hood hooks onto a central handle which I wouldn't be able to remove?
So the windoo hood comes right off and is self supporting?

DAVA4KIDS Tue 14-Apr-09 11:18:09 sell Bebe Confort stuff.

They do the hood with raincover(beige only though at the mo)

Also the panama hood (bit like the bugaboo breezy canopy) in black

Poppity Thu 16-Apr-09 22:55:33

Oooo! Thanks, I'll check that out tomorrow

dipsydi Sun 26-Apr-09 14:39:16

Hi Ya Did you have any luck with I am looking for a panama hood for my loola pushchair but can't seem to find one on line and above web address doesnt seem to work. Hope you can help!! smile

Poppity Fri 01-May-09 19:53:45

Hi, sorry I didn't pick up your message before, it didn't come up on my threads thingy. I'm still getting to grips with MN! is the link to their home page. They didn't have what I needed, they don't seem to do hoods separately, but it might just be because my model is no longer made?

Good luck.

JigglyPiggy Fri 01-May-09 21:21:16

Hi poppity,

I have the urban life chassis but dont know what the original seat unit for it is so cant advise on what sunshade/raincover to use.

I am planning to use my loola seat unit on it and wondered if you had thought about trying one of the other bebe confort seat units? Have a look on ebay and you may be in luck and find the seat unit with covers and hood for a reasonable price.

Poppity Fri 01-May-09 22:21:00

Hi Jiggly, so other seat units will fit it then? That's good to know, thanks.
I guess it's a universal clip thingy then?

npg1 Mon 01-Jun-09 22:37:41

Hi. I also have the Urban life stored in a cupboard which i dont really use as it doesnt have a hood. Sounds exactly the same as yours. My carrycot is a calypso one with the fabric attached to the central carry bar. I did at one point take my maclaren hood off and cover it with the fabric from the carrycot hood, it worked rear facing to but not sure how 'good' it looked! I have a maclaren techno so hood bigger and I clipped it on the seat unit frame. I am also looking for a hood!

npg1 Mon 01-Jun-09 22:45:20

just to add, I looked at welcomemrbaby website, they have pamana hoods available for about £45! If you look under accesories, bebe confort they have different raincover etc

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