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cheap new kettle - drinks taste funny.

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pavlovthecat Sat 21-Mar-09 08:51:06

Our kettle blew. We have had several kettles over the last few years, they have been crap. We want a nice lovely le creuset to go on the hob. But, this is expensive so we have to wait a couple of weeks.

So, in the meantime DH bought a cheap £5 kettle from sainsburys, just to tide us over.

Anyway, drinks taste foul. How can I get rid of the plastic taste that my coffee now has? My morning has been ruined and I now have to go out and get a take out coffee!

I'm guessing you've boiled it a few times before using it?

pavlovthecat Sat 21-Mar-09 19:46:52

oh a reply!!!! yes, boiled it a few times, changed the water, still tastes gross. I am pg and worried it was just me, but I have now been boiling the water in a pan (oh modern times eh?) and it tastes fine. I guess cheap is not always best eh?!

Does your DH agree the water tastes funny?

We've just got a new kettle (£15) and boiled and refreshed the water 4 times first. The 5th time I made a cuppa and it still didn't taste right, but 6th time was a charm smile

If you've boiled kettle several times (and replaced water each time) and still not happy, I'd take the kettle back and ask for a refund.

onadietcokebreak Sat 21-Mar-09 20:19:36

I find that with cheap kettles it generally takes about a week of crap tea for the taste to die down!

southeastastra Sat 21-Mar-09 20:20:40

i took a cheap kettle back once as it tasted really electrical

nappyzonecannotcycleuphill Sat 21-Mar-09 20:21:46

i have took one back also that tasted like tcp <vom>

pavlovthecat Sat 21-Mar-09 21:59:09

By the time we wait a week I might have enough money for my le creuset! I am waiting for a sale somewhere!

pavlovthecat Sat 21-Mar-09 22:00:24

I guess at a fiver I can't really complain eh? I mean, I am meant to be cutting down. DH has said, yes a couple of crappy drinks, but the last one was fine. Er, yes, it would be, I made it by boiling water on the cooker!!! Point proved!

marcandre Mon 18-May-15 18:35:58

It´s been a very long time but still I think my thought could be useful.

Couldn´t the strange water taste come from formalhydide?

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