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Kidz Kargo Double Buggy ?? Any good ??

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Chatkins Fri 20-Mar-09 22:05:52

I had never come across these untill tonight - I am also on ebay looking at double buggies, as the back wheel snapped off my coassto due traveller this week.

I'm a cm, and already have a side-by-side mclaren which is very reliable and strong, but also very heavy to push. I need to have two doubles as sometims use an assistant, so it seems to make sense to have one side-by-side and one tandem.

Has anyone used or bought the kids kargo ? There is one available in my area on ebay at the moment, but I don't want to make a bid as I know nothing about them! It looks good! But I can't cope with another wheel snappin off situation !!

pebbles79 Fri 20-Mar-09 22:24:29

It's the most awful pushchair I have ever had! The handle height is far too high and I'm average size and it's very heavy, almost impossible to get up kerbs. The baby in the back is totally confined and can't see a thing and the one in the front have no proper head or leg rest and they just look totally slumped in the seat.

Sorry, it's probably not what you wanted to hear!

Olihan Fri 20-Mar-09 22:39:00

Agree with pebbles, I'm afraid. When I had 2yo ds1 in the front I had to use every ounce of my strength to stop the whole pushchair rolling into the road every time the pavement sloped - not fun.

They are cheap for a reason - pay the extra for a P&T would be my advice grin.

Claire2009 Fri 20-Mar-09 23:06:58

I bought one as my 1st double buggy. It was awful!!! Heavy, difficult to push and my son in the back outgrew it foot room wise at 9mths!!! My daughter 22mths at the time looked awful in the front & if she wanted a sleep it would squish her brother in the back! shock
Also the wheel fell off after 7mths use the pin keeping the wheel on broke!

Sorry but I def wouldnt advise it!!!

pebbles79 Fri 20-Mar-09 23:46:02

I had a Powertwin and loved it, preferred it over a P&T because even at 6 months + the baby in the back could still lie flat. They go for a reasonable amount on ebay and I even made money on mine when selling it on 9 months later!

zarah82 Tue 25-Jan-11 01:30:28

I am a belgian mom,i have 2 kids,and the Kidz Kargo...never ever i had such a bad pushchair in my life!!!Always pull me at the right side,so heavy,the kid on the first sit almost fall out.Do not buy!!!i purchased a Graco pushchair (on the uk ebay )and the kidz kargo will be give to the red cross.I am shame to sell it,ask a money for such a bad things.Sorry for my bad english.

FOUNTAIN1986 Wed 16-Jan-13 15:39:05

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Mumtotwinsplustoddler Wed 16-Oct-13 14:06:38

oh my! well Ignored my better judgement and bought this cheap tandem pushchair because i'd seen someone else with one and thought it was a good design mainly because of the back seat being higher up, after owning it for 1 month it broke! with my twins in it!!! they are by no means heavy children as they were born 16wks premature so very small for their age, about 15lb each! it folded in half just as I was approaching playgroup! luckily the twins weren't hurt this time but then I called the customer service skills!!! he told me I have to box it at my own cost for it to be collected, I said I would throw it in the bin for him just give me my money back! nope he wouldn't do that either!! there was no "im so sorry this has happened with your children in the pushchair" or " im sorry you're unhappy with our product" then he put the phone down on me TWICE!!!! watchdog here we come!!!

GemmaDonaldson Wed 10-Dec-14 14:40:08

I really liked the improved version of this pushchair that kk made. I used it for my first little boy and found it to be really convineint, pratical and long lasting. I'm having my 4th child and am getting a new pushchair form KK as their new pushchair looks gawjsmileXx

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