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swim nappies

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starlover Tue 19-Apr-05 16:45:37

any recommendations for swim nappies?
I want to take DS to aquababes when he has had all his jabs, but not sure what to get!

mummy2jake Tue 19-Apr-05 16:52:28

hi starlover i use the huggies swimmers but i also put a pair of swim shorts on top as they are quite thin so the shorts are just another layer.

lunarx Tue 19-Apr-05 17:08:15

i was going to ask about this too.. glad someone did!

i've seen those wetsuits for babies at mothercare, but i dont know if a swimming nappy goes on underneath them... they look pretty neat..

starlover Tue 19-Apr-05 17:34:11

yeah, there are so many different ones...

i shall see who gets the most votes on this thread!

iota Tue 19-Apr-05 17:36:06

double bag him - disposable huggy little swimmers topped by reusable kooshies or similar

SoupDragon Tue 19-Apr-05 17:37:21

I liked the sort that pulled on like proper trunks with elasticated waist and legs (got mine from Boots). Having seen loads of babies whilst doing the baby swimming classes with DSs I could never work out how those loose fitting tie up ones could ever hold any poo in. Little Swimmers disposables were good too.

Bear in mind that the nappies are only designed to hold "solid waste" as it were.

tassis Tue 19-Apr-05 17:45:37

We use the washable ones from BHS and mothercare. Ds is now 2 and still wears these. Might get disp ones for holiday though so i'll be watching this...

becky81 Tue 19-Apr-05 18:49:11

Hi we got some from a web site, brillant, def would recommend

Cooperoo Tue 19-Apr-05 19:19:20

Definately Kooshies. They do hold the poo in and are much easier when changing the baby than pulling a dirty nappy down legs. Yuk. Can't see the point in the disposable ones TBH but we use them alot. HTH.

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