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Arrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh shut up!!

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almostanangel Mon 18-Apr-05 08:30:00

ok !! washing machine makes a really anoying sound when finished ,,dish washer beeps freezer complains when you open the door for more than a nano second.argggggggggghhhhhh

flamesparrow Mon 18-Apr-05 08:31:45

Tis what you get for buying newish stuff

That and your new coffee machine being noisy... I have an old dead washing machine that is quiet, a kettle, also quiet... and my freezer doesn't even have a little light

Not that I'm jealous or anything

flamesparrow Mon 18-Apr-05 08:32:50

Are you starting to feel like I'm stalking you yet???

<<<hides in corner in a cloak with a false moustache(??sp... moustache(sp??) on me, not the cloak....>>>

almostanangel Mon 18-Apr-05 08:32:57

oh lol least your products make noise for a reson mine do it o piss me off!! lol

almostanangel Mon 18-Apr-05 08:34:10

first time ever had newish stuff

flamesparrow Mon 18-Apr-05 08:35:57

I'm going with the theory that the longer I wait, the more exciting it will be

And in the meantime I just play with Psycho's gadgets... Her washing machine and fridge beep insanely too!!!

almostanangel Mon 18-Apr-05 08:37:10

lol does hers tell her she hasnt shut the door !! blooming thing,,,

Hausfrau Mon 18-Apr-05 08:37:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

flamesparrow Mon 18-Apr-05 08:37:54

Yup - and with 5 kids all trying to choose something at once it is always open longer than it wants to be!!!

almostanangel Mon 18-Apr-05 08:44:16

wow ....great meeting place though whilst washing going round.??

throckenholt Mon 18-Apr-05 08:48:33

our washing machine is annoyingly insistent too.

And the bread maker beeps to a chorus of 3 kids going "bread bread bread" - yes thank you I heard it.

almostanangel Mon 18-Apr-05 08:50:03

who elses dh or dp says phone !! when it rings derrrrrrr

almostanangel Mon 18-Apr-05 08:52:17

throckenholt? my washing machine is stoppy it has an attitude problem there is a screen and it says door is not shut !! with the explanation marks lololol.also when it is finihed it says remove washing,,,well thank god it tells me how would i know!!/?

throckenholt Mon 18-Apr-05 08:54:14

ours just keeps beeping loudly at intervals - seems to go on for ages ! Don't know if it is printing messages for me - I am not usually close enough to see.

I do hate those gadgets that tell you how to do everythnig. I guess those direction things in cars must be the worst !

flamesparrow Mon 18-Apr-05 08:55:43

Mine doesn't say "Phone" for the normal phone, but he will tell me "your mobile's ringing" when I am sat next to him and can hear it too!!!

throckenholt Mon 18-Apr-05 08:56:25

is it just me - or do you also talk to yours ?

I shout at the washing machine - alright - I know you have bl**dy finished - now stop hassling me

Hmm - time to get a life !

almostanangel Mon 18-Apr-05 08:59:09

YES i do lol ....i say alright i know hang on !! lol

roisin Mon 18-Apr-05 09:12:41

And why is it that the annoying noise the wm makes doesn't annoy anyone else? Or at least to make them get up and turn it off.

I have zero tolerance for any sort of electronic noise, and am ready to stick knives in someone after three bleeps. But everyone else in the house just ignores it!!

flamesparrow Mon 18-Apr-05 09:13:53

I yell at the microwave to stop beeping at me ... it keeps beeping every minute if you don't open the door when its done

almostanangel Mon 18-Apr-05 09:20:05

i am sure all these beeps can be turned off but i cant be asrsed to look in the books ,,,also the wm doesnt just beep it goes ,errgh ner ner ..if you got same one you will know what i mean !!.what if they start comunicating!!! arghhhhhhhh

flamesparrow Mon 18-Apr-05 09:21:04

Are they not meant to talk back to you then?? Is mine broken??? Am I broken??????

stitch Mon 18-Apr-05 09:24:15

i tend to unblug the wshing machine as it just gets on my nerves. fortunatley the dishwasher doesnt beep. and as for the freezer, shut the garage door!
course everything would probly deforst then i d be even more annoyed

almostanangel Mon 18-Apr-05 09:29:20

lol off to speak to ww bye later

almostanangel Mon 18-Apr-05 09:29:41

make that W M

swiperfox Mon 18-Apr-05 09:34:53

We've got my nan's old fridger/freezer because she wanted a smaller one (or so she told us!!) It is the loudest thing i've ever heard in my life!! We've had it 2 years and i asked my mum the other day if it should be making such a loud noise and she told me she thinks thats why my nan gave it to us and bought herself a new one!! Charming!!!

As for dp's phone - i recorded dd screaming "DADDY!!!!!!" and set that as his ringtone! It was cute for about a day......

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