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HUB2DEE have you decided yet?

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RTKangaMummy Sun 17-Apr-05 01:04:15

Have you decided on your new car yet?

If so which one?


RTKangaMummy Sun 17-Apr-05 01:17:11

RTKangaMummy Sun 17-Apr-05 01:37:52


RTKangaMummy Sun 17-Apr-05 01:40:48

RTKangaMummy Sun 17-Apr-05 17:58:12


R u on Active??????

hunkermunker Sun 17-Apr-05 18:00:51

Not sure about that but I do know he has decided on his buggy

RTKangaMummy Sun 17-Apr-05 18:04:34

I think he is not on active convers


avoiding me

RTKangaMummy Sun 17-Apr-05 18:23:48


hub2dee Sun 17-Apr-05 18:30:32

Don't do avoids. Hadn't seen till now. So often just look at Threads I'm on rather than fueling the addiction with 'new sh*t to talk about'.

Hiya Kanga, welcome back, was gonna send you a greets when I saw your name but thought that was a bit stalkerish so instead I planted a primrose in your front garden.

<<that was a joke, everyone>>

CAR ?????

I'll decide that when I'm 53 at this rate...

No. Not yet decided.

Have decided on Mountian Buggy Terrain pushchair though.

I have a gut reaction that a Citroen C8 (or Peugeot / Fiat same) would be super neat: LOADS of space, electric doors etc. but dw thinks they're huge and ugly.

She likes your Volvo though.

I am even wondering if it is feasible to postpone the decision, and run with baby in the back of the Saab 900 convertible but that's probably the coward's way out.

Never did figure out what RTMML (sp ?) stood for ? Was it another MNer standing in for you on Telly Addicts whilst you were away ?

Hiya Sneaky you little script kiddie.


RTKangaMummy Sun 17-Apr-05 18:36:22

Will you have enough boot room in saab?

Is it safe for car seat?

Does it fit securely?


she took over my job while I was away and did it very well.

Please could you do link to buggy as I don't know it?

hub2dee Sun 17-Apr-05 18:47:23

Boot is small but probably just big enough.

Saabs are safe, but it doesn't have a fixed roof. It has a quality hood frame structure and front and rear head restraints, and the car body is heavy and solid, but I'd possibly prefer to crash and roll in your XC70.

I'd imagine it was possible to buy a car seat which fitted OK.

You don't know this King of buggies ?

charleypops, vickiyumyum, andif and I discussed this for ages in this thread here (Ignore first half - it was started last year, and you can probably safely ignore the second half but there were a couple of funny lines in there... somewhere.... I think).... and what else did you miss ? hunkersneaky and bubble99 gave me a big fat hug which was nice here ... and well, MN rolls on.

As you saw, WWB thought it better to focus on RL, which sounds wise, might drop her an e-mail.

Have you posted that your holiday was (a) warm (b) great family time (c) in exotic location (d) highly cultural (e) flights were great (f) home was in one piece upon return ?

Do hope so. Nice to chat again.

RTKangaMummy Sun 17-Apr-05 20:05:27

buggy looks brill

I meant safe as in getting correct car seat for car IYSWIM

Holiday was (a) very warm 26 or 27 blue sky and sunshine

(b) brill family time @ DISNEYLAND & WARNER BROS & UNIVERSAL



(e) flights Premium class on virgin including upstairs on 747

(f) Home in one piece on return

hub2dee Sun 17-Apr-05 20:13:41

Sounds like a lovely break, and a really memorable one for the little Kangas. Bet dh loved Disneyland and the Studio tour too.

We did same a couple of years ago. Was great fun although i found LA pretty ugly and the posh bits pretty sad too in a way.

Was contemplating 'where to live' a while back as am sick of UK Winters. Might just try and holiday / live somewhere else for a month or two to keep warm. San Diego / San Fran or somewhere near there is a possible holiday / new place to live destination. Don't think LA is for us though.

Willow2 Sun 17-Apr-05 20:15:35

I've had a Honda for coming up for six years and - touch wood - nothing's gone wrong. Just know I am going to wish I'd never written that line...

RTKangaMummy Sun 17-Apr-05 20:22:21

We decided on LA rather than florida as don't like humid heat

LA didn't have the smog cos of not quite hot enough and had breeze [thank goodness]

I was really worried about gang shooting and drive by shootings before going but didn't see any shooting

Loads of maniacs driving stolen cars on drugs though

one each day for about 5 days going wrong way down highways etc. or erractic driving.

Beverly Hills is totally mad place though

all those little dogs being carried {weird!!!!!!!}

RTKangaMummy Sun 17-Apr-05 20:23:15

If you want summer in UK winter go for NZ or OZ

hub2dee Sun 17-Apr-05 20:50:16

Visited NZ and Aus. I'd go live in NZ and keep myself to myself and enjoy this fabulous country, but dw is a culture vulture and is not quite sure plus would feel v. isolated from family / rest of world. (I could handle this or just get on a plane).

I could do AUS too, but dw feels same...

One-off 'extended' Winter holidaying / living there would be possible though. I wouldn't even mind spending Winter in a ski resort (Europe / Canada / USA) as I love skiing and you get a surprising amount of sun and the cold weather actually serves a purpose.

Scary driving stories !!!

Willow2: Recent What Car / J D Power annual car survey - biggest in UK just announced here . Honda did well.

RTKangaMummy Sun 17-Apr-05 21:00:50

I lived for 3 years in Ontario Canada and the sun does shine in winter, and has lots of snow.

And freezing rain which I hate driving in.

Falls as rain and lands as ice on cars roads anything

While in Beverly Hills went for a couple of rides in Hotel's chaffeur driven PHANTOM ROLLS ROYCE

Excellent fun. beautiful car thick carpet inside, luxury everywhere.

Really funny as we were driving round people were looking at us to work out who we were

One car drove up next to us and wound down their window to look into ours more closely.

BTW we were not on the road with the mad drivers but saw it on the news as helicopters followed them

RTKangaMummy Sun 17-Apr-05 21:02:22

We loved NZ when we toured it in motorhome in 2002

and really liked Perth in OZ

Have you been to South Africa?

hub2dee Sun 17-Apr-05 21:19:30

Ya min, Plitenburg Bay. Cape Town, SafariSomewhere, Joburg for a few hours, PE, garden route.... couldn't stand the economic / racial / violence issues though.

Was contemplating Vancouver, but the weather stats don't look great. Have heard it is tremendous place to live with v. kind people and that is becoming more important to me as dd on the way...

Didn't get to Perth. Think it would have to be Sydney TBH. Or Tasmania. That was lovely.

Glad you only saw the car stuff on the telly and LOL@ your lot in the Rolls: "mummy, does this car have a phone number like ours ?"

RTKangaMummy Sun 17-Apr-05 21:36:57

I think Vancover has sort of same weather as here

Ontario/Toronto is very cold and very hot

South Africa I have never been to

I have cousins who work with wildlife in NAMIBIA protecting them etc.

Want to go for Safari there soon.

That is next big project

hub2dee Mon 18-Apr-05 07:33:13

Think Vancover is slightly milder through Spring / Autumn, with lower Summer temps, but obviously Winter can be a bit snowy !

Instead of South Africa I would probably recommend somewhere like Botswana. Okavango Delta's very special. Namibia would also be amazing, especially if it is deemed to be in a safe period by the FCO.

I did a Trans-Africa trip when I was 18 / 19: 5 months in a truck overland from London to Zimbabwe. Was fantastic. Fave bits: Sahara Desert, Zaïre jungle, Silverback Gorillas in Rwanda. But each country was amazing. Would highly recommend it to anyone before kids / during year off at uni etc. etc.

Kiwifruit Mon 18-Apr-05 16:07:05

Hi Hub2Dee

Am living in the UK for now, but making an escape at the end of November. DH is a Brit, and having spent 3 years in NZ, and more recently 18 months in the UK, has decided that NZ is a better lifestyle option for us (I already knew that, was just waiting for him to come round to my way of thinking ).

Being on the other side of the world can be a bit frustrating at times - my Mum was ill early on this year, and it is a long flight to get back if you need to (thankfully I didn't!), and I've missed a number of weddings and other celebrations. On the other hand, there are times when it can be a blessing...

hub2dee Mon 18-Apr-05 17:56:49

Hi Kiwi, are you leaving the UK in November for a holiday or 'for good' ?

Was thinking about over-Wintering in NZ to (a) be warm and (b) get a feel for the country. Can I ask whereabotus you've lived there ?

Will the move signify big changes in terms of jobs etc. for you and your family ?

Thanks for your post.

RTKangaMummy Mon 18-Apr-05 17:59:36

We loved all of NZ but Auckland was rather too busy for us after the wide open countryside

Loved SI

Your africa trip sounds amazing Hub2dee

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