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Which TV should we buy?

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PandaBear Wed 09-Apr-03 09:27:43

DH and I have decided it's time to invest in a new Wide screen TV (seeing as how we don't go out m uch these days!!!!). Any advice as to which to buy?

janh Wed 09-Apr-03 09:55:52

Hi, Pandabear. Sony and Panasonic are usually pretty good - will you be getting a new VCR or DVD at the same time? They are so cheap now you might as well and if they are all the same make all the remotes work everything. (Well, TV & VCR do, dunno about DVD.) Haven't experienced Sony for this but Panasonic remotes are very versatile.

If not then it's probably a good idea to get the same make as what you already have - they will probably still work each other (IYKWIM!)

We have a rented TV and video, JVC, don't recommend them at all.


Jzee Wed 09-Apr-03 10:12:12

I was in the same dilema not so long ago, and ended up purchasing a Sony Widescreen FX66 which we are happy with. After looking at alot of different makes we decided that Sony had a better picture quality than others. The only other one which had a nice picture was Toshiba, although I didn't like the design.

grommit Wed 09-Apr-03 10:14:58

PandaBear - We have recently bought a Panasonic - I would strongly recommend this brand - make sure if you are getting wide/flat screen it is 100htz. Also - I bought a Panasonic video at the same time (from Currys) and managed to negotiate a lower price - this is something that is often possible in most larger shops but people are not always aware!

iota Wed 09-Apr-03 10:23:23

We bought a Sony 2 years ago and it's fine. We bought it on the net and got a great discount on UK prices

PandaBear Wed 09-Apr-03 14:35:33

Thanks all. We went with a Panasonic - being delivered tomorrow morning.

janh Wed 09-Apr-03 16:17:23

Blimey, you don't mess about when you've made your mind up, do you???

PandaBear Wed 09-Apr-03 16:20:51

Not when it comes to TV .... DH is a bit of a square eyes!!!!

Meanmum Wed 09-Apr-03 16:39:34

Hope you chose one that has the on off button high up so your little one(s) can't get to it. My ds just blew up ours by turning the switch on and off so often it had a power surge.

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