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American lampshades

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jojo28 Fri 15-Apr-05 18:36:51

This is a long shot but..... does anyone know where I can get lampshades that clip on to bulb as opposed to fixing on to the bulb holder bit?! I know you can get this type of fitting for small little candle bulb lamps but I need something for about a 14 inch shade. My lamps are from the States and you can't fit the shade on to the bulb holder bit. I was hoping someone might know a specialist lampshade maker. Christopher Wray in London couldn't help. Any advice greatfully recieved {smile}

Earlybird Fri 15-Apr-05 19:10:44

Well....I went through this same issue about 6 months ago. I trailed all over London with no luck, and even asked an interior design friend. Finally, I was told that I could have a lampshade made as what I needed wasn't stocked...which of course, would have been ludicrously expensive. I finally resorted to having a lampshade sent over from the States. Seemed silly, but it was the only solution I could come up with - short of replacing the lamp. Good luck!

jojo28 Sat 16-Apr-05 11:04:51

Oooh errr I thought that might be the answer, can you tell me where you got your shades sent from Earlybird? Is there anything online I could look at? I am looking for something quite contemporary they are perspex art deco type bases. Two nations divided by lamp shade fittings! What a drag.

pabla Sat 16-Apr-05 14:03:41

I looked into this a while back when i got a couple of lamps,that sound similar to yours, from Laura Ashley that needed candle shades - didn't like any of theirs and the ones in other shops were too small. In the end I used some I already had from Ikea but if you do an internet search there seem to be a few UK companies that will make to order and are not too expensive - don't remember what they were called, sorry.

pabla Sat 16-Apr-05 14:07:33

Or you could try Laura Ashley and see if you like any of theirs - not cheap though

Earlybird Sat 16-Apr-05 15:16:04

jojo28 - Wish I could help you with a mail order source, but I can't. I have a good friend in the USA who is in interior design. I called her, described the lamp, sent her various measurements (height of lamp body, height of the "harp", old shade dimensions top/bottom/circumference,etc), and she found something and sent it over. I didn't have the option of choosing for myself, but I trust her judgement. And honestly, most anything would have been better than the old shredded shade that was there.

Do you have anyone in America that you could trust with the task? You could email them a digital photo of the lamp and it's current shade, and they could attempt to duplicate for you. Failing that, I would try a google search for a lighting, housewares or interior design mail order/catalogue. Good luck, and let us know how you get on!

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