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Trampoline - any recommendations?

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FrazzledFairyFay Mon 02-Mar-09 16:01:39

I am looking at buying a trampoline for my DCs. I'd like a fairly big one - probably 12ft, and would need a net around it.

Has anyone bought one recently? What brand was it, where did you gte it from, and would you recommend it?

Many thanks

FrazzledFairyFay Mon 02-Mar-09 20:55:33


mrsmaidamess Mon 02-Mar-09 20:56:58

I have just bought one (last night!) from these people, after starting a thread identical to yours!

they had a sale but I think it stopped last night

mamailee Mon 02-Mar-09 21:00:19

Trampolines are safer if you have them sunk into the ground - that way your little one can't bounce off the edge...

mrsmaidamess Mon 02-Mar-09 21:02:30

my thread from yesterday

FrazzledFairyFay Tue 03-Mar-09 11:00:46

Thankyou. I'll have a look at your thread

mamadiva Tue 03-Mar-09 11:07:40

My mum has had a TP 14ft one for the last 3 years and it's still going strong, I think they are mega expensive but worth it.

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