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Baby changing bag NIGHTMARE - please help!!

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macana Sun 01-Mar-09 23:15:57

Ok, so I have realised I desperately need a changing bag. But man, are they pricey! Most of the ones I've seen are around the 60 pound mark. Ouch. SO I need to justify spending this amount on something to ultimately keep dirty clothes, and I have no idea which to go for.

So far, I think the Ju Ju Be (All & Between)and Oi Oi look great, but I really don't want to get it wrong. That's where you come in ladies....please tell me which bags you've bought that you love and would recommend, or that you regretted buying.

All comments very gratefully received, this is causing a real headache!

MrsTittleMouse Sun 01-Mar-09 23:29:17

Any reason why it has to be a changing bag? Lots of people just use a rucsac or similar. I haven't used my changing bag at all for DD2.

BennyAndJoon Sun 01-Mar-09 23:30:50

erm - just buy an ordinary bag and avoid the shameless profiteering of the "change bag" business.

feedthegoat Sun 01-Mar-09 23:32:15

Are you near a TK Maxx? Our local one had Skip Hop bags in the other day for £12 - Looked lovely - was very put out that I had no use for it! They do often have some of the big brands in a lot cheaper.

nickschick Sun 01-Mar-09 23:42:07

You can get free ones in boots quite tasteful navy and white .

nicsnigsnags Sun 01-Mar-09 23:44:50

I am pregnant with mt 2nd and no way was i paying £70 for the bag to match my new pushchair but I have been reliably informed by a few people who have in the not so distant past had babies that the free one you get when you join the boots parenting club is really good. you need to have an advantage card and phone them or go online to join the parenting club, they will then send you a voucher for the free bag when you but any pampers new born or active fit. I had a look at my friends and it looks good, all the usual bits, pockets, bottle insulator, separate bit for dirty clothes etc. I am just waiting to go to boots to get mine, might have spent money 1st time round but hopefully a bit more clued up the 2nd time!

Enraha Sun 01-Mar-09 23:45:19

Yeah, get a large bag that you like. No contest.

Changing bags are not good. However, change-mat pouch-type things are ace. They go in any bag. I've got a neat black one from Toys R Us which must have been a tenner. If you need it, an insulated bag for bottles or cold water is also good.

nicsnigsnags Sun 01-Mar-09 23:45:38

woops x post nickschick

nickschick Sun 01-Mar-09 23:47:30

The ones ive seen in boots i think are 'huggies' and come in a box with samples of 'stuff' - Im not sure but i think if you get a decent sales assistant you might not even have to buy the nappies.

hellymelly Sun 01-Mar-09 23:50:23

Do you need a changing bag? I just shove a nappy and wipes and a small towel into any nice bag.Never use a "changing" bag at all.

shonaspurtle Sun 01-Mar-09 23:50:24

If you get the free Boots bag then it contains a fold up changing mat. Put that in a big bag that you like and voila!

AitchTwoOh Sun 01-Mar-09 23:53:34

a tenner

i highly recommend this, and you can stick it in whichever bag you like.

Qally Mon 02-Mar-09 00:57:21

I wasn't planning on a specific changing bag before my son came. I got one of those fold-out thingies to pop into a handbag, and scoffed. But when DS arrived, I struggled to bf, so had to fit bottles, and a flask with hot water/small bowl to warm the bottles, into a bag with several nappies, wipes, cotton wool, bum-barrier cream, nappy disposal bags, and three changes of clothes (babies leak poo. Often. And the vomit...) oh, and muslins. And somewhere to keep grubby clothes/dirty nappies.

I got a changing bag. It's wipe clean pvc oilcloth in a fab pattern with cherry red leather trim, loads of pockets, and I love it. I even keep the Red Book in it, so I never forget to take it to the GP or wherever.

People get given them as presents when the baby arrives, and some people get two or even three, so my advice is to look on Ebay. I got a really nice Billy Bag for £20, and if it's been used before I got it, you certainly couldn't tell. It was pristine. So: yeah, find a bag maker that you like, then look on Ebay. Pay with Paypal so if you get sent a trashed one, you can get your money back. You get a suitable bag, but don't spend stupid money on it.

Vinegar Mon 02-Mar-09 09:50:40

I didn't buy a changing bag for dd1. For dd2 I bought the juju packabe, as you can wear it over your shoulders or as a backpack. It is too big for everyday use, but I use it for day trips and as we travel alot, I also use it as plane handbag. It is nice, though not essential as everyone has mentioned.

rolandbrowning Mon 02-Mar-09 09:53:50

Mine came free with my pram, and I also got a free one from Boots with a pack of Pampers newborn nappies.

Tommy Mon 02-Mar-09 09:57:30

I've had 2 change bags bought for me by friends when DS1 and 2 were born. Both of them have worn out and falen to pieces within a year (hence getting a new one for DS2)

I have one of those little fold up pouch things now - although that has just died on me too but will probbaly get a new one as I found it really handy. When DS3 was tiny and I was lugging spare clothes and stuff around I just put it all in a rucksack which cost me about £5 from Tesco

charitygirl Mon 02-Mar-09 09:57:35

you don't need one - the reason they're so overpriced is that they are only bought by first time mums who have been sucked into thinking they do!

Somebody bought me one but they are big and bulky and only make sense when hanging off back of buggy. Now I use a lovely soft, roomy leather satchel (which is also my normal handbag when baby free) when I'm with buggy and a canvas rucksack (American Apparel - £25)when in the sling.

If you are planbning to use a sling at all, you won't be able to use a changing bag!

I also have a travel changing mat which is super handy.

Good luck!

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