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camera geeks/photographers - please help me choose a digital SLR

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poppy34 Wed 25-Feb-09 12:49:49

Right DH has big birthday coming up so discussed present - he wants a digital SLR (he has a nikon d 70 and a long lense on it). any tips on good stuff:

- easy to use
- decent photo as well as video quality
- capacity to shoot long range/panorama (we're going on safari holiday later this year)
-easy to download/play with

budget about £500 - £600 ish

I am toying with looking at canons as well as niknos but would appreciate more expert help. I have searched the net threads but would appreciate being pointed to some types of cameara (you can get lost in the number of reviews)

DrZeus Wed 25-Feb-09 12:55:43

Not an SLR but utterly fab is the Canon SX10is which my dh bought recently. He also has a Nikon D50 digital SLR and hasn't used it since getting the Canon. SX10 has 25-500mm zoom.



TartanKnickers Wed 25-Feb-09 13:04:48

TBH if he has a Nikon D70 already, that is a good mid range D-SLR. I don't think you'd get an awful lot better for 5 or 600 pounds.

How about some accessories instead? A lens or flashgun would be around the 2-300 pound mark.

Not many D-SLRs can shoot video - I think the new Nikon D90 might be able to, but as for shooting long range, panorama etc, that's down to the lens as D-SLRs don't have a zoom as such.


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