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ultrasun or p20 how many stars uva/uvb protection?

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BusyBeeWithThree Tue 24-Feb-09 17:06:12

I am confused as to how much protection they actually give you. On other suncreams there is a star rating. Does anyone know what these ratings are. (I am aware the p20 has changed formulations to include both uva and uvb protection)

itchyandscratchy Tue 24-Feb-09 17:09:56

if you do a search for p20 there are some threads about it. NOT recommended at all for kids if I remember rightly.

don't knwo about the other one

BusyBeeWithThree Tue 24-Feb-09 17:11:19

Yes I know but they have changed the formula completely recently according to the website so it seems to be the same as ultrasun. But not sure if protection is enough.

BusyBeeWithThree Tue 24-Feb-09 17:13:19

The thing that is appealing to me about p20 is that it says it is preservative and PABA free.

BusyBeeWithThree Tue 24-Feb-09 17:14:04

Forgot to says thanks itchyandscratchy smile

supergluebum Tue 24-Feb-09 17:17:39

I use P20 and have done for years now, prior to discovering it I used to burn to a crisp even with factor 40 on. So I can totally recommend it. Beware of the types of shampoo and showergel you use with it though as silicon based product resist it and those affected bits (such as hairline) get burnt.
I have used Ultrasun on my DS and it is very good too, but I use Nivea baby factor 50 on his face and ears because the ultrasun stings his face.
The best thing about these 2 products is the freedom of knowing that you can pop in and out of the pool and it doesn't wear off.

itchyandscratchy Tue 24-Feb-09 17:17:43

protection enough for whom? you or dcs?

supergluebum Tue 24-Feb-09 17:18:57

P20 me and Ultrasun for DCs. Ultrasun comes in a higher protection factor.

BusyBeeWithThree Tue 24-Feb-09 17:34:34

What I mean is the star system. Is that the uva protection bit-I get muddled? I usually buy one with 5 stars what sort of protection do these offer. The factor bit I I making any sense hmm

supergluebum Tue 24-Feb-09 17:43:00

Sorry I was being a bit thick there!! Looking at the bottle I have it doesn't say how many stars it is rated at and I don't have any Ultrasun left! I think as far as I know the important factor with P20 is that it is a sunfilter and offers UVA and UVB protection.
I can't be much more help than that tbh. I live in Cyprus so sun protection is really important for us so we use it daily. Now it's winter I use a clinique daily moisturiser with spf15. Check out Which or another consumer site for ratings.
Our main way of coping with the sun is staying in the shade whenever possible, the kids wear UVA type bodysuits when playing in water and hats.
I would always choose one that has both UVA and UVB. If it helps one big bottle of P20 lasts me about 10 days of daily all over the body use.

BusyBeeWithThree Tue 24-Feb-09 17:52:16

That's great, thank you. Wouldn't have occured to me re hair products etc so will look into that. Which one is the easiest to apply? Have you got the new p20 (non staining) or the old version. (If I don't reply straight away-think pancakes!!!)

supergluebum Tue 24-Feb-09 17:59:04

I only have the old version, which I found didn't stain. You apply it all over, your DP will probably enthusiastically help you with this task, then adopt a sort of standing up body drying position before putting on any clothes!
It works after 15 mins, but I need to get some new stuff because I think suncreams hanging around for a year are a bit less effective.
I also find it's cheaper to buy it at the airport, but I think they sell it in Superdrug and online in places. Read all the instructions carefully and you'll be fine. Where are you going?

BusyBeeWithThree Tue 24-Feb-09 18:01:17

OOh... we are going to Florida four weeks on Friday!!!! smile I am so excited!!! Parents are taking us to celebrate my Dad's retirement.

BusyBeeWithThree Tue 24-Feb-09 18:02:01

Dh will be very enthusiastic I can imagine wink

supergluebum Tue 24-Feb-09 18:24:37

Tee hee! You'll be fine. I am fair skinned and freckily. We went to the Caribbean 4 years ago and I used it everyday, walked around, sunbathed, swam and didn't burn once and I was pg so even more sensitive to the sun.
Now that I live overseas I have a tan most of the time for the first time in my life!! Up until recently I had just hoped my freckles would all stick together grin
My DH (and DC) all have the very olive skin that makes the locals do a double take when DH speaks in english and not greek! But they do use it too!
Have a fab time, congrats to your dad what a brilliant way to celebrate!

amazonianwoman Tue 24-Feb-09 22:05:40

I've used P20 and Ultrasun (the highest protection one - 28)

I've also had malignant melanoma.

Ultrasun 28 info from the website:

"Ultrasun 28 delivers very high all day protection (UVA93% and UVB SPF30) with just one application. Its super sensitive formulation is ideal for very sensitive and children’s skins and helps to prevent “prickly heat” reactions. It provides extra protection for vulnerable areas such as shins, noses, shoulders etc.

It is free from oils, emulsifiers and perfume reducing the risk of allergy and making it especially suitable for sensitive skins. Like other ultrasun products, it is non-staining, non-greasy, water-resistant and easy to use."

P20 offers UVB SPF20 (so lower than Ultrasun) and "some" UVA protection - but I've never found a figure for the level of UVA protection.

UVA causes as much long term damage, so if you want the best protection, I'd go for Ultrasun - I used it last year on a charity cycling trip (6 days in scorching sun, 9 hours a day, sweating lots). I didn't even change colour, which is what I wanted (well, I'd love a tan, but I'm not allowed!)

I've used it on DD (v fair too) and she was fine.

Oh, and I didn't get prickly heat which I always did (badly) when I used P20 smile

BusyBeeWithThree Wed 25-Feb-09 12:49:29

Thanks, I think I will def go for the ultrasun. So thanks so much for info.

ilovestrictly Thu 05-Nov-09 21:11:07

For all you Ultrasun fans - if you visit their facebook page this week and become a 'fan' you will get a free bottle of the sun-cream.

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