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Doll's accessories set for 2 year old

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Pamina3 Wed 13-Apr-05 16:04:42

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

lmccrean Sun 17-Apr-05 13:04:23

To be honest, I got a set like this quite cheap, and it didnt last long at all. I ended up dumping them after about 4 months-they were actually dangerous.

Just remember that she will be using these for years on a very regular basis.

LIZS Sun 17-Apr-05 13:50:10

I think you'd need to see it in the flesh. Some of them have folding mechanisms which could easily trap fingers if fiddled with. I'm still a bit wary about some of dd's dolly stuff (Casdon mainly) even though she is 3 1/2. dd also has a pram similar to this one but in a Winnie the Pooh fabric and she still uses it although she is getting a bit too tall, then it converts to a crib. Very safe in comparison to some of the others and the handle height adjusts.

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