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Heeelp. Which pram??

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cab Wed 13-Apr-05 10:35:49

Can anyone recommend a pram that is lightweight, goes completely flat for a new born to sleep safely and comfortably, easy to get in and out of the car, good on rough ground (but not necessarily all terrain), has a shopping basket and not too bulky for hols? Ta. (p.s. have ruled out Micralite with carrycot, buzz, Janes, Loola)

Titania Wed 13-Apr-05 10:37:27

depends how much you are wanting to pay i guess

cab Wed 13-Apr-05 10:39:56

Not bothered, but have ruled out a bugaboo too.

Waswondering Wed 13-Apr-05 10:41:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bundle Wed 13-Apr-05 10:41:58

have you looked at the review section on mumsnet?

Titania Wed 13-Apr-05 10:44:12

ive got the cosatto riga 2 in 1. goes in the boot of our little rover. i think mothercare do a nice lighter one now.....cant remember what its called

Titania Wed 13-Apr-05 10:47:55

this is a nice one

cab Wed 13-Apr-05 10:49:56

Shall have a look at the m and p 2 in 1 - thought they looked a bit heavy? Is it ok on the beach?
Ta bundle - have looked at the review section etc etc and still very confused - mainly cos I have a 3 wheeler which will do from 6 months and is wonderfully light (£70 in Lidl many moons ago) - so really just need something for first 6 months but want the babe to be safe and comfy and also thinking of myself getting it in and out of car (live in middle of nowhere with no pavements).

cab Wed 13-Apr-05 10:51:43

Titania is it heavy? Easy to get in and out of car?

Titania Wed 13-Apr-05 10:52:49

it is quite heavy but prams always are. its pretty easy to get in and out of the car.

cab Wed 13-Apr-05 10:55:03

Thanks so far folks will check back later after picked up dd from nursery - all ideas much appreciated. Anyone used the Safety 1st 3-wheeler?

cab Wed 13-Apr-05 11:00:04

Oh forgot to ask - anyone with Mountain Buggy Urban who had it from birth? Did the baby get a good sleep in it? Or can you put a carrycot on a McLaren and what's it like on rough ground?? Ta. Anyone used a Quinny Speedi sx - looks helluva heavy - is it too much to take in and out of car say 4 times a day?

Titania Wed 13-Apr-05 11:07:53

the maclaren mac 3 is supposed to be good. you can get a carrycot on that and its a 3wheeler pushchair as well later, which would be good for rough terain?

Mud Wed 13-Apr-05 11:08:44

mclaren techno xt

Waswondering Wed 13-Apr-05 11:21:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

vickiyumyum Wed 13-Apr-05 11:29:56

hi if you are thinking of a mountain buggy, look under the products section and then mountain buggy, as hub2dee and cahrleypops have been discussing the pros and cons of mountain buggies for months.
i have got an mb urban and love it, it doesn't lie flat but i felt that it was ok without the carrycot as had another pram to use for long trips. (one you have ruled out) the only thing i would say is that if you already have a three wheeler that you plan on using from 6 months over £400 is a lot to pay. the urbans are good on rough ground and i have never had a problem with it even on a pebbly beach so it is my personal favourite. (have brought too many prams/buggies and normally sold them on within a couple of months, but had this one for nearly three years)
i haven't ever used the cossato riga that titania suggests but have heard good things about it as it so cheap for a 2in1 and it does everything that a mamas and papas 2in1 can do at less than half the price.

vict17 Wed 13-Apr-05 11:33:31

this is the one I've got and I can't recommend it enough - it is lightweight, easy to fold away, perfect for whizzing around town

vickiyumyum Wed 13-Apr-05 11:33:58

the thread on mountain buggies is called mountain buggy - can you help me choose

sorry no good at links

Titania Wed 13-Apr-05 11:38:19

i have the citilite too. well...the graco citisport and its fab. Ive had 14 pushchairs so far and this is my 2nd citisport i love it so much. fab for in the car and public transport!

hub2dee Wed 13-Apr-05 13:25:52

Ms. yumyum, allow me:

Mountain Buugy Freaks gibbering on and on here .

Months ???? It was simply a large collection of days !

If you want something which handles the beach / rough ground, I would suggest air-filled tyres.

The Mountain Buggy Terrain / Urban has an almost-flat seating position, or if you want total flatness get the optional carrycot. It doesn't umbrella fold into your handbag, but it is reasonably compact and not too heavy.

Fimbo Wed 13-Apr-05 13:36:20

Can I butt in and tell you what not to buy? I have this and would not recommend it.

cab Wed 13-Apr-05 15:40:54

Thanks folks. What are the citilites/sports like on rough ground? Does the mountain buggy really need a carry cot or is babe ok with a cosy toes?

vickiyumyum Wed 13-Apr-05 15:46:10

hee hee good to see you hub2dee- no doubt you and charleypops know the mb's inside and out and can advise on all aspects of their use!

i personally was happy using the urban with just a sheepskin or buggysnuggle (footmuff by, but depends on how you feel towards not absolutley flat etc etc. but they do do a carrycot to go with it.
it folds up really small and even got it in the boot of my friends saxo.
couldn't comment on teh citilte/citisport as never had one, although know plenty of people who have got one, so will ask if i remember

cab Wed 13-Apr-05 15:48:18

cheers vicki - did you use it from birth?

hub2dee Wed 13-Apr-05 15:49:20

cab - the baby is OK in the MB 'as is' apparently, some opt for a lambskin fleece or other stuff to provide extra padding. Only the carrycot however will give you 180 degree flatnesss (and lots of lovely padding) if that is important to you.

The '05 MBs have extra padding in the seats if you're considering buying second hand...

They don't recommend rough stuff though when baby is very young.

You'll find more info that you need on this site .

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