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Girls Reins

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Evesmama Wed 13-Apr-05 10:16:00

Were can i get some 'nice' girls reins??mothercare used to do pink ones but dont anymore?
any got any suggestions?

charellie Wed 13-Apr-05 10:40:18

I've found a website company that do reins in pink and white by clippsafe. Not exactly what you are after but closest I can find. They offer free delivery.

Clippasafe easy wash harness and reins £6.95

starlover Wed 13-Apr-05 10:42:52

hmm our mothercare here still has them in store.
I could pick some up for you and post them if you want?

stitch Wed 13-Apr-05 11:12:50

loads on ebay. do a search for reins.

stitch Wed 13-Apr-05 11:14:41


Marina Wed 13-Apr-05 11:15:40

Dd is wearing ds' butch navy hand-me downs . They do seem to not be around in shops or on toddlers so much these days...
Wasn't it kateandthegirls who said Americans in particular think it is like putting an animal on a lead, so you hardly see them in the US?
I don't see any problem with that analogy as far as dd is concerned!
Good luck in your hunt Evesmama.

bundle Wed 13-Apr-05 11:16:31

know someone who used one of those wrist "dog lead for children" things and dislocated her ds's arm

Marina Wed 13-Apr-05 13:06:20

Now those I really don't like for precisely that kind of scenario bundle. Ouch, poor thing. I bet she was rather upset too.

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