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My hairdryer has just died on me- any recommendations for a decent new one?

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ilikeyoursleeves Sun 22-Feb-09 20:49:36

I had a basic travel one which was fine but could probably do with a better one for quicker drying, I have long thick hair and blowdry my hair every few days. What would you recommend? Thanks!

cheekysealion Sun 22-Feb-09 20:50:42

babyliss elegance one from tesco about £20.00 i love mine

lecohen Sun 22-Feb-09 20:53:17

I have one I love - r-vs440leuk.php?CAWELAID=204044349

And this one is on offer

alicecrail Sun 22-Feb-09 20:54:31

My FIL got me a tre semme ionic something for christmas. I never used to blow dry my hair, but have started using this one and my hair has gone very soft. My hair is thick and curly and waist length.

hester Sun 22-Feb-09 20:54:37

Christ, I misread your title as 'My hairdresser has just died on me...' and clicked on, thinking, "I can't believe she's so unfeeling; I must give her a chance to redeem herself" grin

ilikeyoursleeves Sun 22-Feb-09 20:56:36

LOL Hester!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


lecohen Sun 22-Feb-09 20:57:12

sorry, i have this one: 2&cid=2426

bluebump Sun 22-Feb-09 21:18:22

I have the Treseme (sp?) one that it sounds like alicecrail has, I really like it too.

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