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sensitive skin?

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nightowl Wed 13-Apr-05 01:01:10

ive always suffered from spot breakouts. when i had dd i finally thought it had ended. but now i realise it was just because when i didnt work, i didnt bother with makeup, only wearing it about twice a month. my skin was lovely. now ive gone back to work and im wearing makeup 3 days a week my skin is terrible. the days i dont wear makeup it hardly has chance to recover and literally (no exaggeration) within hours of me putting on my slap, spots are coming up. its so embarrasing. i go to work looking ok and come back with a face full of spots!! what foundation would you recommend? (dont tell me not to wear it, i have to!) so far ive, clarins, max factor, maybelline, estee lauder? (i think), boots 17, boots no. 7, and that supposedly skin clearing one..(dont remember the name), and a few more i dont remember. have had all kinds of lotions and potions from the gp over the years to no avail but now i know its down to makeup for definate.

eidsvold Wed 13-Apr-05 03:40:13

what about nutri metics... I have sensitive skin and they do a range of foundations... you will need to do a search and deal with a dealer/rep. I do know there were a few women in the UK doing it. They may be even able to send you some testers to try - I know here in Aus you can get little sachets for people to try before they buy if they are unsure.


bunnyrabbit Wed 13-Apr-05 10:40:28

I find that whichever base I wear, even if just for the evening, I break out. I stopped using base altogether and started using Clinique double face powder about 8 years ago. It's not the same as wearing a base, but I am very pale so it gives me colour and evens out my skin, but doesn't seem to clog up my pores as much as a base. Just an idea....


nightowl Wed 13-Apr-05 17:17:25

thanks for link eidsvoid but its coming up with a kid club

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