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buggy for a heavier child (age 4 - 5) - any recommendations?

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donnie Sun 22-Feb-09 16:40:20

I want an umbrella fold job, nothing flash. All the ones I have looked at are up to a max of 15kg which my nearly 4 year old already weighs. Any suggestions?




We've noticed this thread is quite old and some of the product recommendations are a little out of date. We've spent weeks speaking to parents and testing out pushchairs and buggies. Read our round up buggy reviews to see which stroller was crowned best buggy [spoiler alert, it has a 25kg weight limit].

Hope that helps! flowers


differentID Sun 22-Feb-09 16:44:24

why do you feel he needs a stroller? Does he/she have special needs?

donnie Sun 22-Feb-09 16:46:27

no, not s/n but for longer walks etc.Is it weird for a 4 yr old to be in a buggy?

DivamakesKimchi Sun 22-Feb-09 16:47:39

mountain buggy or nipper for older children.
everyone will praise on them

LadyGlencoraPalliser Sun 22-Feb-09 16:51:01

Yes IMO it is weird for a child of that age to be in a buggy if he has no additional needs.

Lulumama Sun 22-Feb-09 16:53:05

my 3.7 year old still goes in a buggy from time to time, as she often falls asleep in teh car on teh way to pick DS up from school, so i stick her in the buggy..

not weird, just practical

differentID Sun 22-Feb-09 16:54:45

I find it very unusual for a child of 4 to be in a buggy. Just turned three i can understand, especially when going around town/ shopping, but for any other reason it looks strange.

donnie Sun 22-Feb-09 16:55:26

ok my daughter is a weirdo then. At the age of 3.9. Thanks for that.

sarah293 Sun 22-Feb-09 16:56:46

Message withdrawn

janeite Sun 22-Feb-09 16:57:08

Yes - v strange for a child of that age, with no special needs, to be in a buggy. Sorry to be judgey.

differentID Sun 22-Feb-09 16:57:21

doesn't she get uncomfortable scrunched up?

LadyGlencoraPalliser Sun 22-Feb-09 17:00:34

Nobody said your dd is a weirdo, Donnie. You asked if it was weird for a almost four year old to be in a buggy. IME it is very unusual and not good for her physical development. She should be walking everywhere at that age. You are laying down the foundations for her future health at this point and encouraging her to be as physically active as possible as part of her day to day life is important.

onelittlelion Mon 23-Feb-09 04:19:32

I can only think of 3 wheelers so not sure if any good but anyway ... My friend used an easylife for an emergency buggy on hols. Seat really is huge and they tend to be cheap too. Others with higher weight limits are baby joggers, bob's and mb's. I think the xlr is prob best bet if just want a stroller for size. If do want to encourage dd to walk more she might love a scooter if not got already? I've got a mini micro put away for ds's third birthday as his older friends are really good on theirs and use them to get to school and back etc..

Lazycow Mon 23-Feb-09 04:46:44

We still have an umbrella fold up thingy for ds (4.2 yrs) but we havn't used it for about 3-4 months. We are keeping it for our next holiday abroad in the summer where we like to have the odd night out so ds can sleep or sit in it if he is tired. After that we probably get rid of it.

It only goes up to 15kg and ds now weights a bit more than that (he is quite light) but it is quite a sturdy one and I figure he'll be fine in it as long as I don't put anything else on the handles etc.

I have seen many 4 year olds in buggies in RL and in fact a few of my friends with dc the same age as ds still use them quite often, though others don#t at all.

It really depends on your lifestyle if the dc still has a sleep in the day sometimes etc.

I think most of them do have a 15kg limit though and when I was looking for a new one when ds was 3.1 yrs old I tried to find one with a higher weight limit but couldn't. Some of them didn't actually say what the weight limit was so I couldn't work out if they had a 15kg one or a different one.

In the end my friend gave me her old one (with 15kg limit) and I just used that until he was nearly 4 (weighed 16kg by then)

EyeballsintheSky Mon 23-Feb-09 07:15:36

We went to New York a couple of years back and took a buggy for my niece who was nearly 5. It was her old Maclaren Techno and she was just fine in it so a second hand one off ebay might be ok. I guess that makes us super weird but it was far too busy and very long days of endless walking. But hey, no one laughed at us so I think we got away with it.

mrsleroyjethrogibbs Mon 23-Feb-09 11:03:18

Well I guess some children like to have a ride every now and again. My 3.5 year old will still get in the buggy for a ride if he sees it out not because he needs to be pushed. I can understand the OP wanting a small umbrella fold

Sadly I cant recommend one though as I have no idea. I have an easylife which is still good for my big nearly 6 year old who likes to pretend she is a baby!!

donnie Mon 23-Feb-09 12:14:05

thanks for making me feel like a relatively decent parent folks- after yesterday's responses.

Funnily enough it is for a holiday that we want the buggy. Long walks at airports at 6am when dd will still want to sleep and so on, like you lazycow.

Thanks for the comments.

mamadiva Mon 23-Feb-09 12:18:54

The Babyjogger City mMini is good, it's not an umbrella fold but is the easiest fold and quite small to but HUGE seat!

Fizzylemonade Mon 23-Feb-09 12:41:44

My 2.9yr old vacates his maclaren XT and my 5.8 yr old gets in for a ride on the way home from school shock grin

His friends also do it too with their siblings prams.

My 5.8 yr old has also sat on my 2.9 yr old's knee, I can't work in KG so will tell you that combined they weigh over 5 stone!

I wouldn't recommend it but my maclaren is still going strong after all that. It isn't huge seat wise but a good make of pram should take the weight of a heavier child.

I second the ebay suggestion.

mileniwmffalcon Mon 23-Feb-09 12:45:38

easylife is fab 3 wheeler my large 5yo can still ride in, not lightweight or umbrella fold. we got it for festivals.

AnarchyAunt Mon 23-Feb-09 12:52:27

Bollocks is there anything wrong with a 4yo being in a buggy! If they are tired its far easier to have them in a buggy than make them walk. I don't drive and DD used the buggy for long trips or days out until she was 4.10.

A lot of the journeys we made were ones that those with a car would not have dreamed of walking, so I don't see the difference between a child sitting in the buggy for part of the journey, and sitting in the car for all of it hmm

happywomble Mon 23-Feb-09 12:54:05

I would look for a secondhand techno xt for a child this age.

I hate the way some people are so judgemental about using a buggy for a child over 3. (on this thread and in real life)

There are times when a buggy is still handy such as if you are out past childs normal bedtime (maybe on holiday) and they need somewhere to dose. Some children might still nap in one after lunch if you are out and about. I also sometimes need to use the pushchair if I need to walk over a mile in a hurry as DD can not keep up on foot.

If I walk my older child to school it is a 2 mile round trip. If I go on foot to pick him up it is another 2 mile round trip. I think its a bit much to expect a just 4 yr old to walk 4 miles a day at adult pace.

I wonder if those who never need to use a buggy for their over 3s live right by shops/school or drive everywhere and don't need to walk more than a few 100 yards at a time?

To go back to OP it might also be worth getting a scooter for your DC if they don't already have one. I have found this a good way of weaning DD off her buggy.

Othersideofthechannel Mon 23-Feb-09 12:58:31

Wouldn't a buggy make travelling by plane/getting around the airport more hassle?

When we went with DCs aged 4 and 2 to the USA we didn't take a buggy. At the airports, there were chauffeur driven electric vehicles to transport people.

But then we ditched the buggy early on and have always been in favour of making them walk and giving them a shoulder-ride if their little legs needed a rest.

AnarchyAunt Mon 23-Feb-09 12:59:38

Oh yes scooters are fab!

EyeballsintheSky Mon 23-Feb-09 12:59:53

I don't have a 4 year old DD so I don't know what I'm doing on this thread really but doesn't a scooter wear them out? It would me, all that pushing.

Othersideofthechannel Mon 23-Feb-09 13:01:31

I hadn't thought about the sleeping thing happywomble. Our DCs have never really fallen asleep in buggies but a lot of children do.

I still think it'd be a hassle taking it with you on a plane.

morningpaper Mon 23-Feb-09 13:01:59

I wuold just keep her in whatever buggy you are using at the moment

I very much doubt it would collapse under the strain - I frequently toss BOTH of my DDs in my mothercare jazz stroller and it's not died yet - what's the WORST thing that could happen?!?!?!

donnie Mon 23-Feb-09 13:01:59

Anarchy aunt - agree completely. We walk to school and nursery (at the same place) but it is a mile each way and my dd2 is not up to 4 miles daily ( there and back twice).

morningpaper Mon 23-Feb-09 13:03:26

I just get BORED walking at Child Pace all the frigging time

Get in the stroller and let me WALK like a goodam ADULT fgs

snickersnack Mon 23-Feb-09 13:08:50

I don't think scooters require much effort. dd will scoot for miles on hers (until she falls off, anyway) and never complains, and she moans a lot about walking. Not sure it would be suitable in an airport though…

It's an interesting point about lifestyles. We live within spitting distance of a huge number of public transport links, so I rarely expect dd to walk huge distances unless we are out for a family walk , which is fun and therefore doesn't count (as I tell dd frequently). So although we ditched the buggy for her when she was just 3, I can see in different circumstances we might not have been so quick to do so. My parents live in a market town with almost no public transport, and with very steep hills. I saw lots of older children being pushed up in buggies when we were there at the weekend – which is fair enough, as I think dd would struggle with the 2 mile round trip into town given the gradients involved. If the alternative is a car journey, surely time to take the judgey-pants off?

3girlies Mon 23-Feb-09 16:02:33

Chicco trekkers are brilliant for this and great for bigger todders, also the Maclaren Technos, but the Chiccos are cheaper, look at the car boot sales, I got a Chicco Trekker for £3 last week! It is brilliant, personally I love having a buggy as I would have to carry everything otherwise - 3 coats, 3 lunch bags 3 school bags etc. No way!!
I do not think you are wierd, I would rather keep the buggy for a few months longer as I can't do the carrying of DD3 when she gets tired or on holiday, it is more practical to have one than not.
Some will always find something to judge on though won't they!

Hulababy Mon 23-Feb-09 16:07:26

We took a buggy on holiday when DD was a little over 4. We went to Disney in Florida where the days are very very long and the weather very very hot. We knew DD would need a rest every so often and would possibly have the odd nap, as it was such a busy holiday. She didn't go in it very much although it was useful for bags and coats, and carrying water :D

It was cheaper to take a buggy with us than hire there every day.

We just took our Maclaren Volo and it was fine.

DD never used a pushchair normally at that ge, but I think sometimes a ride is needed on holiday. 3 and 4 is still not that old after all.

Hulababy Mon 23-Feb-09 16:10:18

Buggies are places IME are not a hassle. Keep with you til you get on plane; collect off conveyor belt at other end. Simple. And as said before, useful for hanging bags and coats, etc. on.

I missed having a buggy when DD grew out of one, lol! Quite like it when out with a friend aand her DS,, in his pushchair - bag handles again grin

ConnorTraceptive Mon 23-Feb-09 16:11:37

DS is 3.9 and I think he would love to still be in a pushchair and sometimes I thinks his little legs get tired. Last week we went into town without ds2 and I let him sit in the hauck all the way round - he was such a happy soldier!!!! As was I - much quicker!!

Fimbo Mon 23-Feb-09 16:12:24

My ds still goes to school in his old stroller and guess what????? He is 5 yes that's right 5.

To me its no different from those of you who put your children in cars when you could easily walk if you can. My child gets there by me pushing him rather than driving him.

I don't care really what anyone thinks of this. I have to take my older child to a different school on foot and it is much quicker like this. I also work part-time and don't have time for my ds to doddle along.

We have a cosatto and he is a big child.

Blu Mon 23-Feb-09 16:17:30

We took a buggy on hol when DS was 4 - he slept in it in the evenings when we went out for dinner.

And if you are planning a 5 or 6 mile walk round town or somewhere, it is tortuous with a v tired child.

I am sure Donnie is able to engage brain and make her own decisions....

sarah293 Mon 23-Feb-09 17:22:57

Message withdrawn

naomi83 Mon 23-Feb-09 18:16:33 you'll get most of your money back by ebaying it when your done. They're fab buggies, fold easily and big seats, bt lightweight

janeite Mon 23-Feb-09 19:20:20

Sorry but I can't help agreeing with Riven. We don't have a car at all, so my children got used to walking quite long distances from very early on. DD1 was two when dd2 was born, so from that moment, she just walked everywhere - no choice really. Nursery/school was a mile and a half each way: they just had to get on with it!

Hulababy Mon 23-Feb-09 19:34:37

OP does say it is for use on holiday

Fimbo Mon 23-Feb-09 19:46:13

We only use a buggy for the school run. My ds is not overweight far from it.

AccidentalMum Tue 24-Feb-09 21:27:09

Lots of buggies will accommodate your DD but I find strollers very heavy to push with a heavy child in, so would go for something with air tyres off ebay TBH. Nipper single?

Tutting at older DCs in prams drives me absolutely insane. I walk miles a day and could never achieve and see what we do with DD1 (3.5) in a pram. She would be too shattered to enjoy the activity we had walked to, we would have had to set off incredibly early and be unable to get home for lunch. I would also have gone quite doolally walking that slow. In addition, lots of journeys from my house include urban dual carriage ways which it would be completely inappropriate to allow even a reined under 5 near IMO. I doubt anybody puts their 3, 4, 5 year old in a buggy without a good reason.

usernametaken Wed 25-Feb-09 11:39:07

Donnie- why not get a Trunki instead for the airport My DD loves hers, she can store all her crap possessions in it and get towed round the airport. If the flight is delayed then she can scoot up and down empty corridors.

Ceebee74 Wed 25-Feb-09 11:47:33

No help with the OP but this thread has answered a question I was considering posting - at what age is it viewed as inappropriate for a toddler to be in a stroller??

Having read this I feel so much better - DS1 is only 2.7 and I was getting worried that he should be walking grin I use it to get him to nursery - he is a 'runner' and I have to cross busy roads etc - there is no way I could trust him to walk and he will not wear his reins - plus I have a 3-month old DS2 who I carry in a sling so I wouldn't be able to carry DS1 if he got tired. I will be doing this until DS1 is 3.2 and I go back to work and then it will be back to dropping them both off in the car on my way to work.

BonsoirAnna Wed 25-Feb-09 11:49:35

Yes, it is weird for a 4 year old to be in a buggy as a matter of routine. A buggy should be kept only for emergencies (going out with an ill child, for example) at this age.

kiddiz Wed 25-Feb-09 13:13:52

DD started school at 3.6 and her buggy had been gathering dust in the cupboard long before then. But she hated it and it was more of a trial to get her in it than just let her walk. I refused to carry her and gave her the choice of buggy or walk. She always chose to walk.
However ds2 was completely opposite. He would always chose the buggy. He used to whine to be taken to school in the car which was literally 10 minutes walk away. He didn't get taken in the car I should add!
Ds1 has sn and used a mclaren major buggy till he was about 10...Ds2 used to join him in there at any opportunity! I believe in taking the route of least resistance... anything for a quiet life. The op is going on holiday. If having a buggy for her daughter to use will make that holiday less stressful (is a holiday afterall) then why not.

3l15a8eth Thu 26-Feb-09 10:20:46

have you tried getting a scoooter (light wieght and fold up type) or a micro g bike. I have atthritis and can't walk very far but nead to know if we go without the buggy we can get home I can't carry my 3.5 year old. saves me taking the car for very short jorneys. She is now able to walk or ride along way. We think she may even be on a bike with pedles with no stablizers at easter

idobelieveinfairies Thu 26-Feb-09 10:28:20

My 4.4 year twin still goes in a buggy-a maclaren is impossible to go to town holding both their hands and shopping bags...impossible, safety will always come before what it looks like to others, if you ant a buggy for your DC then get one smile

Rosa Thu 26-Feb-09 10:40:55

My dd is nearly 3 and I have just bought a new buggy and she can use it as long as she likes... She walks , runs, climbs over bridges , does steps and is fit and active. When we do ' fun' walks we leave the buggy at home however when we are out if gets tired she sits in the buggy . The buggy is convenient when I am shopping as she sits in it and I don't have to hang on to her and pay for shopping at the same time. I do not automatically think that a child has special needs if they are in a stroller / buggy over 3 my nephew is 3.4 and as tall as any 5 yr old - he generally walks everywhere however on long walks he gets tired. Every child is different and should be treated as such - who can say ' oh that child is too big to be in a stroller' unless you know the circumstances - they might as said live with no public transport and have to walk long distances.
Buggy at airport in a delay is a godsend I would not even dream of letting go of it until I really have to !!

DrNortherner Thu 26-Feb-09 10:45:27

Dh and I had a weekend in London when ds was 4.5, he did not usually need a buggy but we took a stroller with us as in London you cover so many miles, ds would not have kept up, he would be tired and mithering to be carried.

On an evening we could stroll around, see the sights and ds was in the buggy snuggled with a blanket. It meant we could enjoy our break instead of being stuck in a hotel room from 8.30pm.

helsbels4 Thu 26-Feb-09 10:59:05

LOL at it being weird for a four year old to be in a buggy! It must be so fabulous to be a perfect parent with perfect children hmm. My dd is nearly four and I always take the buggy if we are walking a significant distance because she is a lazymare tires easily and I refuse to carry her grin. I don't drive and a round trip to the nearest supermarket is and hour and a half, so shoot me if it's easier for me to take a pushchair rather than having to deal with a grumpy, moaning, tired child whilst carrying heavy bags of shopping as well! All children are different and my ds used to walk for miles when he was her age and I do nothing differently now. I'd rather be out and about in the fresh air albeit with a buggy than some of the parents who collect their children from the school opposite my house in their comfy cars when they only live five minutes walk away hmm. Oh and by the way, dd still likes her dummy at bedtime and occasionally still has an after-lunch nap. What a shockingly bad mother I am grin.

lljkk Thu 26-Feb-09 11:01:24

Scooters are shite, the child falls off, gets hurt, cries long and hard, and then refuses to ride it any more. (And that's from my child who was agile enough to ride a bike without stabilisers before he was 4yo). So adult has to carry the scooter AND coax a grumpy child into walking the mile or so to get home, still.

Also hard to keep child-on-scooter close to you if you also have another child in a buggy. You run the risk of knocking them over as they weave around you or get in front of buggy wheels where you can't see them. Or they will want to race off (and be very captable of it) when you have to plod along far behind with baby in buggy.

Buggy much better.
You go for it, Donnie.
Sorry I can't suggest one, my 7yo can still fit in the McClaran, though.
Unless you're asking someone else to push it, no one should make any comments about it.

happywomble Thu 26-Feb-09 11:19:34

helsbels4 - good post!
I try to encourage my DD (nearly 4) to walk where possible but still get the buggy out for a walk longer than a mile uphill.

To those who say children will get obese if they ever use a puschair over DD is not overweight. She is however short, only on the 2nd centile for height so probably the same height as some of your tall 2 yr old boys. It is hard for a short 3 yr old to walk at adult pace for a couple of miles.

However I am overweight and so it is probably better that I get the brisk fat burning walk pushing the pushchair rather than walking slowly at toddler pace for miles on end.

Coldtits Thu 26-Feb-09 11:23:22

I would say a nearly 4 year old doesn't need a buggy but I totally see your point about the holidays. Buggies are a godsend on holidays, when kids are tired and ratty!

I would suggest going to a car boot sale, buying the cheapest, sturdiest looking buggy you can see, ignoring the weight recommendations and letting her just trash it, then binning it before you come home.

helsbels4 Thu 26-Feb-09 11:32:24

Thank-you happywomble wink
It drives me insane when people make sweeping statements about things! Just because their four year olds don't need a buggy, doesn't mean that somebody else's doesn't. GRRRRR - and breathe!

happywomble Thu 26-Feb-09 11:38:27

Wonder if they are the same people who tut tut if your child isn't potty trained at 18 months wink.

ihearthuckabees Thu 26-Feb-09 11:41:32

I too thought that by age 3 my DS should walk everywhere, then I took him on holiday, age 4,to New York, and my friends were all offering me buggies. I said, Oh no, he walks everywhere. Then he fell asleep on the subway, and I had to carry him up several long flights of steps and along 10 blocks back to my friend's house. Boy, I wished I'd taken their advice!

But shock at 5 year old being pushed to school everyday. (Also shock at number of kids who are driven to school. Only excusable if parents are en route to work in my opinion, or if school is more than a half-hour walk away. I don't think it's the kids who are lazy/incapable of walking, it's often the parents who can't be bothered.)

SheSellsSeashellsByTheSeashore Thu 26-Feb-09 11:48:06

I made dd1 walk everywhere from about 2.5 earlier for shorter journys. Ill be doing the same for dd2 who now walks to the shop and her grans <20 months old> but goes in her buggy for any walk that would normally take more than 10 mins as she is still a bit unteady and slow.

I hate seeing children older than say 3.5 in pushchairs. And I judge blush. I decide that the child is pandered to and spoilt and the mum/dad is oveprotective and nuerotic <sorry op>

My five year old somtimes sits in her sisters Quinny Zapp inside the house though and seems comfy enough.

helsbels4 Thu 26-Feb-09 11:50:21

Don't start me off on parents driving their children to school!!! I live directly opposite my ds' school and the amount of parents who I know and that live in the same area as I do that drive their children to and from school baffles me! One mum lives just around the corner (five minute walk from school) but arrives half an hour before end of school and promptly parks herself on the zig-zags outside school and sits there on her phone/reading a book etc. Drives me WILD!!!!!!!

lingle Thu 26-Feb-09 12:14:55

How rude and silly to judge on such a non- issue.

helsbels4 Thu 26-Feb-09 12:19:12

Who me or the non-buggy brigade?

ThingOne Thu 26-Feb-09 12:30:24

I live less than ten minutes from school and make my DS1 (5) walk there and back. Oh, sorry, hold on, that wasn't the point.

We have a Phil & Ted's e3 and I'm sure the proper seat has a max weight of 25kg. I've looked on their website and if it's now called a classic, that figure is correct. These load up well with all sorts of gunk and still push well, so if you're really looking for a shopping trolley with optional child carrying ability, it'll do the job well.

happywomble Thu 26-Feb-09 12:38:46

shesellsseashells -

"I decide that the child is pandered to and spoilt and the mum/dad is oveprotective and nuerotic <sorry op>"

For all you know the child may be in the pushchair for a one off occasion as he/she is ill or injured, or just very tired, or mum is running late.

Will you be sending your DCs to boarding school at 7 to make sure they don't get too mollycoddled?

Your post makes me feel sad

SheSellsSeashellsByTheSeashore Thu 26-Feb-09 12:55:58

No happy I won't be sending them to boarding school.

The way my sister turned out very much influences the way I bring up my children. She was in her buggy untill she was five, she was spoon fed her breakfast untill about 6 and has always been the baby. If she were left alone for any length of time she would probably starve to death if not for take outs <no actually she would probably starve as she daren't phone the take out herself hmm>. She is a 22 y o toddler, and I am determined that my children won't turn out that way.

They are not neglected or 'pushed' to do things that they are not ready to do, but they are expected to to do things they are capable of i.e. dd1 walks everywhere, dresses herself, chooses her own clothes and is responsible for keeping her own room clean.

Dd2 feeds herself and is given the oppurtunity to try and dress herself but only because she has shown interest in dong so.

Of course I know the child mabe injured, sick etc and when I see it for the first time or its an unknown child I barely bat an eyelid, but when it is the same child every morning being pushed to nursery when he lives around the corner and is more than capable of walking, yes I judge. And wonder how the child will turn out.

helsbels4 Thu 26-Feb-09 13:08:42

So if I walked past your house regularly after my DD had just walked all the way to the shops, around the shop and needed a rest in her buggy for the last bit, (as I said earlier, it is an hour and a half round trip to supermarket) you would judge me and come to the conclusion that my child was spoilt and that I am overprotective and neurotic? How weird? Do you also judge the people that constantly drive past with their children in their comfy cars??? Madness.

lingle Thu 26-Feb-09 13:57:18

I'm referring to the anti-buggy brigade.

donnie Thu 26-Feb-09 14:06:18

well, little did I know my rather innocuous thread would elicit such anger and prejudice!how comforting to know that even a question about a buggy can somehow manage to get you tarred as a lazy mare who wants their children to become obese and develop type 2 diabetes.

anyway thanks a lot to all those who made suggstions/gave advice etc. I have ORDERED A BUGGY!!!!!!

So - whan you see a freak family at the airport/in Spain with - horror of horrors - a buggy with a child over 2 years old in it -that'll be me.So ner.

donnie Thu 26-Feb-09 14:08:06

oh yes and over-protective and neurotic. That must be me then. Thanks, Seashells.

SheSellsSeashellsByTheSeashore Thu 26-Feb-09 14:57:55

Donnie I wasn't reffering to people who take buggys on holiday.

Sil took one on holiday when niece was about four incase she got tired on an evening. I don't think I would do it for dd1 as she doesn't sleep at home let alone on holiday so I doubt it would be needed. I have no opinion of people who put older children in buggys on holiday. Just those who do it regularly at home. And for fairly short distances in some cases.

Sorry if that upset you, it's just my opinion.

carrielou2007 Thu 26-Feb-09 15:22:55

When I am not at work we do not use the car as I feel very strongly about using our legs and getting fresh air as much as we can. So that will very often involve walking 3.9 miles to town and the same back. My dd loves walking but it is too much for her. We time one way when it's nap time and then I let her walk halfway or so back.

My dd was 2 last month but is very very tall (people think she is at least 3) and so I get shock when I say no she has just turned 2.

We go for a short walk every evening after tea when I am working, bit of time together, fresh air, it's how I do a lot of my food shopping by getting some stuff each night, it's one mile. Did not take the buggy last night, left at ten to six got back at ten to eight. I was going barmy as dd wants to look at every blade of grass etc. She was obs so over tired yet I couldn't carry her along with the shopping. I expect I received jugement from others about having my dd out when it was past her bedtime...

Enjoy your buggy, you can always sell it on ebay when you get back!

mamamea Thu 26-Feb-09 18:34:58

Blimey, people are awfully rude. We just (well, at 4pm) came back from a four and a half hour walk, I wouldn't expect a young child to walk that far.

lingle Fri 27-Feb-09 09:13:03

Shesells - these other kids in buggies are not your sister.

misdee Fri 27-Feb-09 09:21:23

i have a toddler seat for dd3 on the top of the buggy. who is a fab walker, but at the end of the day at school, she is shattered and the walk home can be a nightmare. the extra seat is thetre if she wants it. i akso use it of we go into town at the weekend. its far easier to push her than carry her or give her a piggyback whilst pushing dd4.

4andnotout Fri 27-Feb-09 09:24:05

My dd2 (3.11) sometimes hitches a lift on the footplate of the mountain buggy double on the way to school in the afternoon, but she walks up to 4 miles a day on the tripe to and from school 3 times a day. If i didn't have dd3 & dd4 i should imagine she would still be in a buggy in the afternoons as she is usually knackered by the time we pick dd1 up.

4andnotout Fri 27-Feb-09 09:25:17


naomi83 Fri 27-Feb-09 11:35:17

which buggy did you get?

pramspotter Fri 27-Feb-09 13:31:23

My little one is 4 and I bring a maclaren to do this school run for my older children.

The 4 year old walks most of the way and I use the buggy to carry school bags and lunchboxes etc. If he gets tired on the way home he climbs in.

I don't think it's weird at all.

By the way a baby jogger city mini is small, folds, small, handles great and takes kids up to age 5 or 6.

tinkislittlemissshopping Fri 27-Feb-09 18:36:36

there is nothing wrong with a 4 year old going in a buggy on holiday @ the airport especially if it is early and they are tired is handy for transporting bags etc.
my dd1 is 3.5 years doesnt use a buggy that is because she chose not to go in one luvs running around .

nappyaddict Thu 12-Mar-09 16:13:10

I think it is fine for a 4 year old to use a pushchair if your lifetsyle involves a lot of walking. It is definitely OK for a child who is only in reception to use it for the school run. Think how tired they must be when they come out after such a long day! In a lot of other countries kids don't even go to school yet when ours are in reception!

janielea Sun 26-Apr-09 20:18:42

I have a 4 year old who has cerebal palsy, she is tiny, 12.3kgs so a special needs bggy wol drown her, shes tall bt very slim, i HAVE to push ger in a bggy, and find it extremly insulting when people say she sholdnt be in a bggy at her age, i know these people dont know of her condition, bt for gods sake, keep ot of other peoples buisness then, i do however get some satisfaction from seeing the look of embarrassment when i tell them she cant yet walk. Anyone who wants to put their child in a buggy, can and shold do, why is te world so obsessed with everybody elses lives!!!!

littlelamb Sun 26-Apr-09 20:21:32

You do know this is an old thread??

lmcl77 Tue 16-Mar-10 21:27:34

Far too many judgemental people out there if you ask me!! Mind your own it's not your buisness to comment on whether it's right or wrong for someone elese child to still be in a buggy at 3 or 4, i could understand if it was obvious that a child was being harmed or neglected but the mother only asked if anyone could suggest a buggy to fit her child, im sure if you all took the time and looked closer at your own parenting skills you'd have plenty to comment on.

stacey2010 Mon 29-Mar-10 16:00:14

I was looking for a larger stroller for my 4 year old for when we are on holiday as he sometimes falls alseep and we may be having dinner.

However i am shocked at this website and the comments of how children are 'weird' for using a buggy occasionally over the aged of 3! I can understand that seeing a 7 year old in a buggy may look a tad lazy if no special needs but NO child should be branded 'weird' just for resting their legs! We sit down when we are tired....dont we??!

Can we all remember that a 4 year old is still a child and not an adult and therefore we should remember that!

Totally disgusted by some of your comments and not one of them was at all helpful!

TheChewyToffeeMum Wed 31-Mar-10 10:34:35

I think you will find alot of people who say it is wrong for an older child to be in stroller are the same people who use a car for easy walkable (for an adult) distances as there child wouldn't manage it. My 3 yr old hops in the back of the Phil and Teds intermittently on our 2 mile walks to nursery - esp in windy weather.

Loriycs Sun 12-Sep-10 02:01:23

well said chewy toffeemum

NickOfTime Sun 12-Sep-10 02:48:37

you lot are nuts.
this convo is a year and a half old.

leave it alone! there are plenty of new 'big kids in pushchairs' threads to post on if you really want to discuss it some more - leave this one to fade away again! grin

hifi Sun 12-Sep-10 13:05:09

wonder if shes still in it?

Loriycs Sun 12-Sep-10 21:18:17

well you obviously felt the need to be back here!

Lpel Sat 18-Jun-11 13:49:06

Just joined Mumsnet. Any recommendations for large three wheeler for a four year old? Just recommendations please, no opinions&#57430;

dunerat Thu 30-Jun-11 20:38:53

Still using a Jane 3 wheeler for 3.10 in 90th percentile. He still sometimes has afternoon nap after KG despite 12 hr night, and can lie down comfortably in huge seat. Great for summer evenings out, he sleeps in stroller and we can relax.

perfectstorm Wed 20-Jul-11 16:20:07

Given the single biggest influence on a child's exercise habits is parental example, I trust all the anti-buggy types walk everywhere themselves. Terrible example if they ever use the car for trips under a mile. After all they're laying down their children's health habits for a lifetime, as someone so sagely observed.

Lindy123 Wed 20-Jul-11 19:44:04

My son is four and if we go to a theme park for the day the Mc Claren which I've had for both of mine comes too. It's great for shoving all the picnic stuff in and if he gets knackered he goes in. Also, if it's chucking it down and I have to get to school for the older one, I shove him in and leg it with the rain cover on....poor woman, if she wants to put her kid in a buggy so be it.

spout Wed 20-Jul-11 19:47:28

AARGHH zombie thread!

Lindy123 Wed 20-Jul-11 20:15:10

What's a Zombie thread?

usualsuspect Wed 20-Jul-11 20:16:55


Lindy123 Wed 20-Jul-11 21:47:00

What's that?

pramsgalore4 Wed 20-Jul-11 23:12:48

mountain buggy and baby joggers both take a good weight i think the head room is better on the baby joggers, you need to post this thread on the pushchair bit, there are loads of people who will know grin and a few who will shoot you down but ignore them not all children are good walkers grin

perfectstorm Thu 21-Jul-11 00:48:06

Lindy - some people get very agitated when old threads are responded to, and this one was originally started in 2009. For some reason this bugs some posters to all getout. Zombie thread = a thread that refuses to die.

Lindy123 Thu 21-Jul-11 08:48:53

Thanks for that. How do I find new threads? don't want to upset people. How funny. First used Mumsnet years ago when I had my first but it was quite a small site then. I have a bit more tim now so quite new to it again.......

pramsgalore4 Thu 21-Jul-11 09:22:42

click on talk, scroll down look at the left side it will say products, click on that it will drop down a list of other topics and one will say pushchairs grin then at the top of the page just above all the different threads it will say start a new thread in this section click on that.

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