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Anyone have a SMART car?

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TheyCallMePeachy Sat 21-Feb-09 20:19:09

Dh asking for any infoplease on the SMART car as a back up to avoid taking big family car on long work commute.


homicidalmatriach Sat 21-Feb-09 20:51:26

I used to have one - had to get rid of it when pregnant because I couldn't fit behind a wheel. Would wholeheartedly recommend them - you can't drive them in snow (like a big skate), and they don't go very fast but zero maintenance requirements, you can actually get a lot in the boot and behind the seats and people used to let me nip into lanes because I was only diddy! My insurance (fully comp for two of us) was £202 a year!

andyrobo237 Sat 21-Feb-09 22:09:20

My brothers wife had one, and they loved it until he had an accident in it when it tipped over on its side when he went around a corner up a slip road onto a motorway. They soon got rid after that!

TheyCallMePeachy Sat 21-Feb-09 23:45:29

DH mentioned the cornering yes, hope your brother was OK.

Zero maintenance sounds good though.

Anyone else?

twinsetandpearls Sat 21-Feb-09 23:47:08

I think hula has one from memory

catMandu Sat 21-Feb-09 23:56:35

My aunt has one, it's her second one she loves them so much. This one is the new model and much better, faster less tinny than the first one, it's also a convertable grin. It costs her £20 to fill it up! You can't turn off the passenger air bag, so can't put dc's in it. I'd get one tomorrow if I had the money, but the fact you can't ever put the dc's is means it's a bit limiting for us.

Oh and she says that other smart drivers all wave at her.

CompareTheMeerkat Sun 22-Feb-09 00:00:42

I seem to remember Hula had one and had problems with it.

TheyCallMePeachy Sun 22-Feb-09 11:57:49

See, the manual says that because of where the airbag is you can oput kids in if you put the seat right back- but I am severely hmm about that. You can also buy a chair which turns the system off but that's £200 in itself for 1+.

It does makesense for dh- the MPV does 28mpg and he drives 500 miles a week for work so what he will save is massive.

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