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where can i buy a musical jewellery box?

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fairycakes Tue 12-Apr-05 16:13:33

i want to buy one for my dd, but i havent seen one anywhere - i want a really pretty one as i want it to be a special keepsake - i had one when i was little with a ballerina in it - that sort of thing

looked in beaverbrooks/ernest jones/goldsamihs....nothing!!

ThomCat Tue 12-Apr-05 16:16:57

How about letterbox?
Let me go and check.

ThomCat Tue 12-Apr-05 16:19:32

Found 2, they are fab, leterbox code 3102 and another one code 5656

ThomCat Tue 12-Apr-05 16:21:17

here you go

ThomCat Tue 12-Apr-05 16:23:01

Or this one

purplelizzy Tue 12-Apr-05 17:22:37

There are some in the Argos catalogue.

fairycakes Tue 12-Apr-05 20:17:40

great, thanks guys, i will have a look!

ThomCat Tue 12-Apr-05 20:25:42

I think i'll get one of them for lottie actually, i used to love mine. Wish I still ahd it actually to hand down to her. Actually thinking about it a new one would be better!

Socci Tue 12-Apr-05 20:35:28

Message withdrawn

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