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waterproof dungarees 9-12 months - please help!!!

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fairimum Thu 19-Feb-09 14:54:09

subject says it all really!! Anyone better at googling than me??

just off to try the blacks and millets websites! no luck so far!
thank you

VanillaPumpkin Thu 19-Feb-09 14:55:33

I got some Muddy Puddles stuff from Little
Would def recommend.
But I would go for an all in one suit for a 9-12 mth old smile.

frogs Thu 19-Feb-09 14:55:40

You need these.

Togz are also meant to be good, but no personal experience.

Don't be tempted to buy a size up with the Muddy Puddles ones, they come up huge.

georgiemum Thu 19-Feb-09 14:55:48

Jojo Maman bebe. Very good ones! There is also Raindrops which specialises in the really heavy duty ones.

fairimum Thu 19-Feb-09 15:17:34

Most ofthe palces mentioned start at 12-18 months and DD is a short 9 months - we have an all in one, but we will be camping most weekends and want something where we can easily take the waterproff top off as she won't need it all the time, really just so she can sit/crawl etc without getting too cold/muddy!]thanks

georgiemum Thu 19-Feb-09 15:30:46

Ta daaaaaa

fairimum Thu 19-Feb-09 15:37:14

Thank you!!! The potty otter ones are perfect!!! although £££ - the first link I could only see all in ones?

ksld Thu 19-Feb-09 15:40:59

Have you tried Tchibo? Got some from there 3 years ago that are brilliant - not too big and are lined so warm too.

shonaspurtle Thu 19-Feb-09 15:44:06

I bought the Togz ones from an eBay seller (new) for £15.99

They are great and plenty of room to fit over normal trousers/growing room, lots of adjustable bits.

They've been well tested recently and I'm really pleased with them.

georgiemum Thu 19-Feb-09 15:50:31


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