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Babybjorn Babysitter Bouncer

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AuroraB Wed 18-Feb-09 15:54:35


i've just started looking around at a few things i think i'll need for my first baby (due end June)

I've been horrified at the general garishness of most baby stuff.

I've just seen the babybjorn babysitter bouncer chair thing and v much like the look of it, so I was hoping some of you lovely ladies might be able to tell me if it's any good? it seems pretty expensive (around £80/90) are all baby bouncers this much? is it worth spending more or are all of these seats much or a muchness (in which case i may be able to suspend my natural good taste for a while if it is a significant difference in cost)

Thank you x

Rindercella Wed 18-Feb-09 17:04:46

I loved DD's Baby Bjorn, and so did she. Imo, definitely worth the money & it was nice not to have something really garish in the sitting room. It folds flat, so really easily transportable if you're seeing family, going away for the weekend.

I must get it out again to see if she'll now use it as a chair!

nappyaddict Wed 18-Feb-09 17:08:53

DS hated his bouncer so I wouldn't want to spend a lot on it. The best thing we had was a wipe clean bean bag I paid extra for a nicer colour and for a harness to be added.

Rindercella Wed 18-Feb-09 18:22:36

I don't remember spending nearly 100 quid on DD's bouncer though - sure it was around £60 and that was less than 2 years ago. Assume the design must changed or something.

fairimum Wed 18-Feb-09 20:03:58

Probably too garish but DD hated the chairs but a swing was the best purchase we made!

Aranea Wed 18-Feb-09 20:10:03

Rindercella - they've discontinued the old one with the teddies (is that the one you've got?) and replaced it with a more expensive one without a toy bar! I can't believe they're asking so much for it and then you have to buy the toy bar separately.

But... we've got the old one and I do love it. It's a really good bouncer. AuroraB - you could have a look on ebay for the old style one which came with a bar of wooden teddies to play with. It would probably cost you about half what you'd spend on the new version.

mejon Wed 18-Feb-09 21:08:27

I am about to ebay mine as they seem to be selling for nearly as much as I paid for it nearly 2 years ago. DD has only just stopped using it at 2.5 as she prefers sitting on the sofa but it was in daily use and the removable cover was very handy when she used to occasionally bring up her milk. It has quite a large 'footprint' (well bigger than a normal bouncy chair) but it can be folded down and stored easily. I wish I'd bought it for her from birth but didn't actually get one until she was too big for the basic bouncer I'd originally bought.

The new ones come in fancier colours and from the photos I've seen, looks slightly padded around the sides but don't know if I'd pay £100 for it!

AuroraB Thu 19-Feb-09 10:22:45

Thank you all, i've had a look on ebay and there are a few slightly different models but very much cheaper, think i shall explore that option

thanks again x

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