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Boys pyjamas

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mogs0 Mon 16-Feb-09 20:33:02

Ds' pyjamas are starting to get a bit small and I'm looking for some new ones. I usually buy White Co in the sale but they seem to be selling out really quickly these days. Does anyone know of an alternative?

I like jersey cotton and not too bothered about the pattern/colour. I'm looking for age7+.

Heated Mon 16-Feb-09 20:53:46

john lewis normally do good cotton pjs although online seems a bit limited here


you can mix and match the long sleeve tshirts and leggings at nordickids to make unique pjs combos

and Primark & Boden do remarkably similar pjs but at slightly different prices.

happywomble Mon 16-Feb-09 21:31:26

Mini Boden? (particularly if there is anything left in the sale)

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