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Really nice Dr's set......wooden?

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KatieMac Mon 11-Apr-05 23:04:01

Hiya all...I'm after a really nice Dr's set for my childminding.

I've got several cheap plastic ones but they get pulled apart too easily

Any suggestions?

giraffeski Mon 11-Apr-05 23:20:42

Message withdrawn

KatieMac Mon 11-Apr-05 23:24:31

Very nice - but I like toys that can be stuck in milton or at least wiped regularily......(It's a C/Ming thing...)

giraffeski Mon 11-Apr-05 23:26:47

Message withdrawn

giraffeski Mon 11-Apr-05 23:29:39

Message withdrawn

KatieMac Mon 11-Apr-05 23:40:19

I'm quite tempted....but it's not quite what I had in mind.....I'll keep looking - thanks for your're really good aren't you

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