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maxi cosi easybase question

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thisisyesterday Mon 16-Feb-09 19:59:34

does it only fit the cabrio-fix car seat or will my maxi cosi citi fit in it as well???

lecohen Mon 16-Feb-09 20:34:34

think only cabrio fix but might be wrong, you can call maxi cosi (dorel) to confirm

By phone

01842 763 281 (Mon – Fri, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm)

BusyBeeWithThree Mon 16-Feb-09 20:35:20

Definitely only the cabrio-fix

thisisyesterday Mon 16-Feb-09 20:41:39

cool, thanks. if you have one can you tell me, does it make it much wider than the carseat itself? or is it about the same width?

(we need to fit 3 seats in back of car)

BusyBeeWithThree Mon 16-Feb-09 20:44:30

It is no wider than the normal car seat but you are restricted as to where you can place the car seat by the isofix points in the car. It therefore means you can not bunch the seats up together which is not recommended anyway. What car are you trying to fit them in?

thisisyesterday Mon 16-Feb-09 20:47:10

it wouldn't be the isofix one we're getting, just the regular one that you use the seatbelt on.
tis a volvo v70

BusyBeeWithThree Mon 16-Feb-09 20:54:20

To be honest I don't really see the advantage of the base over strapping the seat in everytime if it isn't for the isofix. I think you need to go to Halfords and get them to try the seats in the back for you.

thisisyesterday Mon 16-Feb-09 21:02:20

because then the base can stay in the car.. strapped in.
and all I have to do is plop the seat on instead of trying to reach round to do the buckle up each time

BusyBeeWithThree Mon 16-Feb-09 22:54:36

Very true!!

fairimum Wed 18-Feb-09 20:10:43

The base makes the seat totally solid in the car, plus it is so so much easier to clip the seat in and out! One of our best buys!!

abermum Thu 19-Feb-09 09:52:45

have to agree- the easybase is a sanity saver- also it is safer as it takes away the danger of the seat not being strapped in correctly- easy to get it wrong when you've had no sleep! nearly 40% of car seats are incorrectly fitted according to which.

The base didn't add any width to our maxi cosis- we could still fit two cabrios and a rodi in the back of a megane!!

thisisyesterday Thu 19-Feb-09 10:39:33

hmmm this all sounds good. but does mean I need a new infant carrier lol.
i best look for a bargain one or dp will go spare.
although I will miss using my stripey zebra citi.


abermum Thu 19-Feb-09 10:58:54

have a scout round for a package deal- ebay always a good bet! good luck.

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