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Ok, it's fairly late and I'm a saddo but had to try my bargain 'magic' cloth.....

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juniperdewdrop Mon 11-Apr-05 20:36:04

So I just cleaned my kitchen cupboard doors, worktops and hob with it and it's brill Didn't take me long tbh. I got it for a quid at superpound. You only need water with this one too. How long do the real E-cloths last?
They do them in different colours so think I'll get a couple more for different jobs.

LGJ Mon 11-Apr-05 20:37:35


You need to get out more, bubbles de vere is having a loads and wine and triv night, but she won't tell me where

juniperdewdrop Mon 11-Apr-05 20:44:16

Believe me this is unusual behaviour for me. Am out tomorrow and Wed so I won't be cleaning (unless you count slurping up the wine I'll no doubt spill on the table? )

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