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car booster seat recommendations and what are the regulations & advice these days?

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hereidrawtheline Sun 15-Feb-09 21:06:06

We are thinking of getting a booster seat for our DS who is 2.6 and weighs 2 1/2 stone. He is perfectly in proportion by the way and looks amazing, I am told he is more the size of a 4 year old though. He seems a little big for his forward facing car seat. I dont know what the regulations are for this age range & size though. Can you enlighten me? Would a booster be better for him? Thanks!

CuriousSquid Sun 15-Feb-09 21:08:56

what seat is he in at mo?

and 2.5v stone is only about 15kgs isn't it?@

CuriousSquid Sun 15-Feb-09 21:09:45

just converted and yes thats 15kg.

hereidrawtheline Sun 15-Feb-09 21:11:08

I am drawing a blank on the name of the carseat... DH should know he is outside at the moment feeding rabbits but when he gets in I will ask him.

SlightlyMadScotland Sun 15-Feb-09 21:11:45

Personally I wouldn't use a booster with a child so young. They need more support than a booster can provide. Also if he is only 2 1/2 stone he is only just heavy enough.

A forward facing highback booster may be better but unless he is physically big for his forward facing seat (or over the weight limit; I assume the weight limit is 18kg? in which case he still has a few months life left in his forward facing seat) it really is the safest for him

cmotdibbler Sun 15-Feb-09 21:12:45

He should be in a 5 point harness seat until his ears come over the top of the seat. It is by far the safest seat for him as his bones aren't dense enough to withstand the force of an adult seatbelt in an impact at the moment

hereidrawtheline Sun 15-Feb-09 21:19:55

Its a Britax Avis seat. Thanks for the information I definitely wanted to look into it before we made a decision. Its more because he fills it up totally width wise... height wise I am not sure I will look next time he is in it. But on your advice I shall keep him in it as long as I can.

DanJARMouse Sun 15-Feb-09 21:23:54

I have high back boosters with removable 5 point harnesses.


Godsend for chunky big kids! (DD1 4.7yrs = size of 6yr old. DD2 3.4yrs = size of a 4-5yr old. DS 1.3yrs = size of 2yr old)

DanJARMouse Sun 15-Feb-09 21:24:19

oh sorry - DS is still in his forward facing 9mnth-4yrs seat)

hereidrawtheline Sun 15-Feb-09 21:28:57

so would one of these high back ones be ok? Its just that getting him into his car seat is a bit of a nightmare at the moment you have to wedge him in and I am worried that isnt good either. Am looking at Mothercare now.

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