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Has anybody seen or tried the new Mountain Buggy Swift?

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bran Sat 14-Feb-09 16:38:11

I really fancy buying one, but I can't find anywhere to go and look at it so I think I will have to buy it online. Has anyone actually seen or tried one? What did you think of it?

CarGirl Sat 14-Feb-09 16:39:18

I think according to the pramaholics in NZ that is it is very small, very limited distribution over here at the mo and MB is in administation so not sure it's a good buy?

bran Sat 14-Feb-09 16:45:30

Ah, I had vaguely heard about them going into administration. Bum! I thought they would be my answer for a tall-handled, lightweight, easy-to-push pushchair. sad Back to the drawing board.

CarGirl Sat 14-Feb-09 16:47:30

the baby jogger mini city is a great pushchair that suits your requirements but not an off roader.

bran Sat 14-Feb-09 17:03:56

I have a lovely big Urban Detour that I used for DS which is great off-road, but I need a car and shopping pushchair that won't give me back-ache. I'll check out your suggestion CG, thanks. Do you happen to know how high the handle is?

CarGirl Sat 14-Feb-09 17:22:10

Ooer I don't off hand but it was high, will see if I can find a link that says - it's really easy to steer and will easy fit up to 4 years old.

CarGirl Sat 14-Feb-09 17:24:52

in inches I'm afraid

42" is 106.5cm though - which is high

bran Sat 14-Feb-09 18:10:20

Thanks for that CarGirl. smile It looks great, a lot cheaper than the Mountain Buggy too. I've always thought that Baby Joggers have the best folding mechanism, although I've never seen any video of someone unfolding one so I imagine it's a little tricker than folding.

My friends used to laugh at me because I went through lots of light-weight pushchairs with DS, but none of them were ever quite right and they all gave me lower back pain because the handle was always a little too low. I think having a frozen shoulder at the time didn't help much either. Hopefully this time around I'll get it right and just have the one lightweight pushchair. grin

possiblymaybe Sat 14-Feb-09 18:16:25

I've seen it in this shop in this shop.

Looks great and I'm so annoyed it wasn't around when I bought my MB Breeze last year

Vamanos Sat 14-Feb-09 18:28:29

Are you dead set on a three-wheeler for your car and shopping pushchair?

Only because I find that 3-wheelers a pain in shops as they are too wide (and I've tried a few).

Desperately dull, but the Maclaren Techno does fit the bill pretty perfectly for a car/shopping pushchair imo, and the handles extend to over 42". Might be worth a look.

bran Sat 14-Feb-09 18:43:56

I don't like Maclarens, I think I'm not really comfortable with two handles at all. I found with a single handle that I could change hands or change positions to give my back and shoulders a bit of a break. I do have a Volo but I was forever kicking the back axle which drove me nuts, although I imagine that the longer handles on the Techno would mean I would be further back from the axle.

CarGirl Sat 14-Feb-09 20:03:06

The baby jogger is quite narrow at that back - because it fits through my super skinny internal kitchen door. I think somewhere is selling them for £100 at the mo.

Everyone on pramaholics board raves about them! Sadly I bought mine and then dd stopped using a pushchair so never got try it outside the house!

CarGirl Sat 14-Feb-09 20:29:36

I've got photos of dd4 sat in them when she was over 3 and 97cm tall let me have your addy if you want me to send them.

bran Sat 14-Feb-09 22:16:45

Thanks CarGirl, I found a few online photos with children and adults in so I think I'm ok with visualising the size. DD will still be quite small when we get her anyway, as she will only be just over 13 months.

I don't suppose you can remember where you saw them for £100? They don't seem to be in stock in a lot of online shops, Kiddicare are expecting to get them in towards the end of this month, which would still be in time for us and they have them for £160. One of the review sites had a lot of reviewers who had bought on in Argos at a good price, but they don't have them now.

CarGirl Sat 14-Feb-09 22:31:41

ebay!!!! I got mine as shop display, it has a few grubby bits on the fabric that cleaned off easy and the wheels were brand new in sealed packs!

you have to buy the raincover seperately though.

bran Fri 20-Feb-09 11:09:16

Hi CarGirl. I've ordered one from Kiddicare, it was a reasonably good price and I trust them because I've used them before. Precious Little One had it much cheaper, but when I googled them they had some dreadful reviews. Thank you for your help, keep an eye on this thread and I'll let you know what I think of it when I get it (in a week or so). I won't be using it until mid-March when we start the hand-over for DD but I won't be able to resist unpacking it and trying it out. smile

Rin101 Tue 30-Nov-10 13:15:04

Giving a bump..
As far as I know Mountain Buggy did go into administration and it was bought by the Phil and Teds people. Mountain Buggy production has now moved to china, I assume by the same manufacturers of the P&T. I've heard that the quality of the Chinese made buggys is nowhere near as good as the New Zealand manufactured ones but they were so incredibly rugged and strong, I wonder if maybe they get away with it and it doesn't matter too much.
I have an old MBUrban, which is unbreakable (which is good as I tend to be quite rough with it)but it's a bit of a nightmare on the bus and I'm considering a shift to the Swift. Has anybody used both? Or just the Swift?

KarenHappy100 Sat 18-Dec-10 09:59:35

I have a swift and it is fantastic. It is narrower than the urban jungle but I reckon it will last me til my little one is 4 or 5 - they don't want to be in pushchairs by then, I have found.

I love the quality and it has not diminished - the lady from the shop where I bought it made thorough enquiries with the Uk distributor and apparently, the parts were always made in China and then shipped to NZ for assembly whereas now it's all done in China (which lowers the cost to us).

The swift is so compact and stands up in the back of our VW sharan - even in tight spaces, the wheels come off really easily and make the frame even smaller.

I love the new colour (I got the black and lime/moss green one). It can be used from newborn so it's the only pram I need.

10/10 from me.

carrielou2007 Sun 26-Dec-10 22:44:55

Have a look on my profile for pics of the urban and the swift together, swift as an everyday buggy is fab fab fab, not too big just the right size and has been fabbi in the snow!!!

SantasMadMissy Wed 05-Jan-11 18:08:36

Its such a shame at this rumour of NZ vs China made as the new mbs are superb. I've had every age going and now have a 2010 urban and swift and i can see no faults in the quality. The improvements they have done are great! The MB wasn't fully made in NZ ever the covers were always China.

Back on the subject of the swift! I want a try on one myself!

bbennett Fri 22-Apr-11 15:09:34

There must be something different about the newer Mountain buggy Swifts other than just being now put together in China as you only get a 1 year warranty compared to the 3 year warranty with the older Made in New Zealand Swifts. I cant decide which one to buy as the Made in New Zealand ones are $100 more expensive and i havent been able to find any other than the Lime colour but I guess you get 2 more year warranty for the extra $100.

PHamilton Fri 09-Sep-11 18:42:26

Wanted to let you all know that the MB Swift is fantastic. Light-weight, rugged, great in the country and the city and is slim so great for narrow spaces. It is also incredibly robust so I have not noticed any difference in terms of the country it is made in.

We bought ours from Peppermint, where they price-match and offer a product guarantee.

Buggyman Tue 31-Jan-12 13:10:36

The post from bbennett is incorrect as all Mountain Buggy's sold in the UK have a 3 year warranty.

MrWalker Wed 24-Jul-13 12:28:54

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

KingKelly Wed 24-Jul-13 12:33:20

That's a good review site! smile

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