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ARGH vodaphone vs Singlepoint

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lunavix Mon 11-Apr-05 09:37:55

Need to work on their customer services IMHO!

Have been a customer of singlepoint for 3 years, and they've been bought out by vodaphone. Had a nice man on the phone two weeks ago, telling me I was a 'valued' customer and what could they do to keep me - different price plan, latest phone etc?? Well the only reason I was leaving was cos dp wants us to get video phones (so he can keep up to date with what ds is doing - awww ) so I said okay, and sat down with dp and we sorted out what we wanted.

Phoned back today, and was told I'd have to pay nearly £500 for the phone, that I basically wasn't a valued customer as I was previously on O2, that noone had rung me (I'm blatantly a liar too) and it was a load of piffle.

So I pointed out that if you go online, the phone we were looking at is between £100 and £200 - so why the hell are they charging me an extra £300 - £400? Her reply - do it online then.

I'm pretty pissed off now tbh!!!! We were going to change to vodaphone when we got new phones too (most of the family is on vodaphone) but I just can't believe the rudeness. Noone at singlepoint was EVER that rude or unhelpful.

fairycakes Mon 11-Apr-05 09:42:20

i have had a similar experience with then lunavix - they have absolutely no people skills etc - why dont you try ringing again, ask exactly the same question as you are bound to get a different operator, and see what they say?

if you get the same response, ask to speak to their manager, and dont go until you do. if the manager says the same tell them you are going to use a different network provider (after all these years) and right a strong letter of complaint to vodafone to their head office, that should get you somewhere, and i bet they then go out fo their way to please you!

lunavix Mon 11-Apr-05 09:43:15

It was apparently their accounts manager I spoke to...

I'm still fuming!

Chuffed Mon 11-Apr-05 09:53:59

dh got the same type of response from Singlepoint and has now changed to Orange. They have a special (or had) that if you got one video phone you got one free.

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