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Toddlers cleaning set

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SweetApril Thu 12-Feb-09 17:10:26

Hi. I'm trying to find a cleaning set for 2-yr-o DD who loves to do a bit of sweeping and mopping.

ELC have a nice one in their catalogue but none in stock online or in any or their stores and not likely to be, apparently hmm

Other than that I can only find cheap and flimsy (£3.99) or wooden and expensive (£20). I don't mind spending about a tenner but any more seems a bit excessive.

I don't need a huge trolley thing just a broom, mop, dustpan and brush. I thought it would be really easy to find but no...

Rosie29 Thu 12-Feb-09 17:37:30

Sorry can't help much, just wanted to say that we have the ELC mop and brush set and it is great if you can find one/order it. Although the dd's do like to fence with them and it often ends in tears! Good Luck

buggylovinmummy Thu 12-Feb-09 18:03:32

Again the ELC one is fab

ContainsWildPerilousLuurve Thu 12-Feb-09 18:13:32

Don't do it!

Buy her a pogo stick instead grin.

SweetApril Thu 12-Feb-09 19:22:02

But then who will do the cleaning, CWPL? wink

callmeovercautious Thu 12-Feb-09 19:23:54

Pop into a local toy shop and buy the bits individually. We got a broom for £1.99 and a Dust pan and Brush for the same money. Then just give her a sponge, small bucket and empty spray bottl - and off she will go grin

morningpaper Thu 12-Feb-09 19:24:43

the Entertainer has several

SweetApril Thu 12-Feb-09 19:33:09

Callmeover...I managed to find a broom but can't find the other bits anywhere. Good idea about the little bucket and sponge - I'm sure I've seen some very cute mini heart-shaped buckets somewhere.

Morningpaper, do you think you could post a link? I've just looked on the Entertainer site (it is aka right?) under "pretend home and play" and can't find anything. Thanks.

morningpaper Thu 12-Feb-09 19:35:06

will check but I know that in-store I have seen three sets

God I can't beleive I retain that sort of useless information

morningpaper Thu 12-Feb-09 19:36:43

can't see one on the site, sorry!

Marne Thu 12-Feb-09 19:37:22

We got dd the mop and bucket from the entertainer, she loves it and we also have a brush from there too. I think you can only get them in store.

biscuitsmustbedunkedintea Thu 12-Feb-09 23:04:11

Does this help?

DD's cleaning trolley is all Cif branded. It was a present from a relative who picked it up in T K Maxx apparently, so wouldn't have been that expensive I'd have thought

MollieO Thu 12-Feb-09 23:24:52

this and this.

I can vouch for both being hardwearing and actually quite useful smile

SweetApril Fri 13-Feb-09 10:39:18

Thanks, Biscuits. I've seen that one but thought it looked a bit small and flimsy. DD is tall and I want it to last a bit so that she can eventually clean the whole house!

MollieO - those look like what I'm after. Fab, thanks!

FeelingLucky Fri 13-Feb-09 20:56:50

OMG, I was just going to buy the dustpan and brush and broom you recommended MollieO and the total is £23.54 shock Basically, shipping is a tenner.

Can anyone recommend anything similar but cheaper?

Spent my lunch break in Westfield Shopping Centre today whizzing between ELC and the Entertainer. Unfortunately, the ELC didn't have the £8 broom and dustpan and brush set (only the £25 one) and the Entertainer's looked really too flimsy.

SweetApril Fri 13-Feb-09 21:51:31

Oh, flaps, I didn't work out the total cost. That shipping is very high.

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