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Looking to buy a sofa bed & just saw this on Ebay!

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bubblerock Sun 10-Apr-05 20:55:05

I've never seen anything like it before, just thought it was really neat!


hmm will my link work? here goes....

Hulababy Sun 10-Apr-05 20:55:45

Never seen a sofa bed like that before!

bubblerock Sun 10-Apr-05 20:55:50

Yey!! My first link

Yorkiegirl Sun 10-Apr-05 20:56:43

Message withdrawn

pixiefish Sun 10-Apr-05 20:57:19

wow- looks great

bubblerock Sun 10-Apr-05 21:00:20

Hi Yorkie!! We're all fine - hope you lot are too, nice quiet weekend so I've actually been on here quite a bit - dipping my toe in and testing the water Trying not to get to addicted though as I have so much decorating to do in our dump (the flat that is - not the Hotel lol)!! Is Essbee back yet? I hope she had a good time

Yorkiegirl Sun 10-Apr-05 21:02:03

Message withdrawn

bubblerock Sun 10-Apr-05 21:03:43

I will, actually I'll look into that tonight while I have the time - you really are a bad influence on me!!

biglips Sun 10-Apr-05 21:08:24

fab colour - but im sorry to say that i wouldnt go for it but thats my preference as it looks too dangerous !!

misdee Sun 10-Apr-05 21:09:04

how bizarre!!

singyswife Sun 10-Apr-05 21:41:27

Hi Am fairly new to this site. Just wanted to say that sofa bed thingy is really cool. Have never seen anything like that before.

Hope you don't mind me butting in on the conversation.

misdee Sun 10-Apr-05 21:42:06

singy, you're meant to butt in!!!

bubblerock Sun 10-Apr-05 21:47:11

Hi Singyswife - I'm new too, it's a bit daunting isn't it?

snafu Sun 10-Apr-05 21:49:07

looks a bit scary to me - can imagine the whole thing collapsing and getting squished on the bottom bunk

singyswife Sun 10-Apr-05 21:52:19

Hi all. It is a bit daunting but I am glad you are all so nice.

I got a mental image in my head there of that bed collapsing and squishing someone. Still think it is quite cool though.

jojo28 Sun 10-Apr-05 22:06:53

That is spectacular!!! Ebay, you have got to love it it, has things on there that you didn't even know exist. Can I go slightly off thread and ask if anyone knows if single sofa beds exist?

misdee Sun 10-Apr-05 22:07:38

yeah jo jo, its just my regular sofa

i have seen single sofa beds, possibly ikea?

JanH Sun 10-Apr-05 22:09:01

You can get ones where the arms drop flat, jojo - IYSWIM. I don't know any sources but will have a look (finding things is my hobby!)

bubblerock Sun 10-Apr-05 22:12:29

Argos have quite a trendy one like you're describing JanH pg 437 Montana item no. 635/1117

I want a double metal action one but they're too expensive

jojo28 Sun 10-Apr-05 22:14:14

Crikey I'd like to see the coffe table that goes with it!

Oh god I was afraid someone might say that! Ikea can I face it meatballs and all... probably. Who wants some floating candles!!

Yorkiegirl Sun 10-Apr-05 22:15:11

Message withdrawn

misdee Sun 10-Apr-05 22:15:36

theres one on ebay

JanH Sun 10-Apr-05 22:18:39

I found 2 possibilities, jojo - one is a very modern leather square thing where the back moves forward on top of the seat to make a divan, and a single armless leather chair that opens out into a bed (ie an expensive - probably - version of the cheap foam chairbed you can get everywhere). Want to see either of those?

No actual single sofabeds yet.

jojo28 Sun 10-Apr-05 22:28:10

Yeah JanH I would, have you got the links? Not sure I could live with the blue of the one on ebay but at least it shows they exist. Yorkie girl that sounds good will check it out.

kama Sun 10-Apr-05 22:40:09

Message withdrawn

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