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How to put Bugaboo carrycot flat on floor

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Bumpsadaisie Wed 11-Feb-09 13:54:59

I wonder if you could help?

We've just got a second-hand cameleon. We're hoping to use it as a moses basket either on the floor or inside a bigger cot.

However we don't know how to take off the plastic arms that attach the carrycot to the chassis so that the carrycot stands flat on the four feet attached to the bottom!

Can anyone help?!

Many thanks
Bumps and her DH x

horsemadgal Wed 11-Feb-09 17:52:46

I don't think you can TBH.

horsemadgal Wed 11-Feb-09 17:55:02

What I'm meaning is that you can take the carrycot off the frame, it just velcroes on, but then it just becomes too floppy to use that way. If that makes sense!

OhBolleaux Wed 11-Feb-09 17:56:26

It doesn't stand flat. You will need to stand it on a folded towel or something to make it flat. Always seemed a bit silly to me really.

Bumpsadaisie Wed 11-Feb-09 18:37:55

Thanks everyone!

I've not explained myself well - I don't mean taking it off the frame itself by undoing the velcro.

I'll try and explain - the carrycot has got four little metal feet on its underside, so it is obviously designed to rest flat on a surface (and the instruction book says it can be used this way).

However the two plastic arms that are perpendicular to the carrycot (i.e. the ones that have the round white plastic button and the square white plastic button that you use to release from the frame) are longer than the depth of the carrycot.

So you can't lie the carrycot flat because the arms stick out!

Does that make sense? I am sure you can use it flat because it has got the four little metal feet and people talk of using it as a moses basket on the floor - surely they aren't putting their babies on the floor with the plastic arms attached so the carrycot is effectively a see saw pivoting on the protruding plastic arms with the white buttons??

Any light anyone can shed would be gratefully received!!

Many thanks
Bumps x

FruitynNutty Thu 12-Feb-09 08:11:54

I'm bumping for you as I'd really like to know the answer too!
Might be too early for a bump though hmm Might try again later

BlameItOnTheBogey Thu 12-Feb-09 08:20:20

I think you explained yourself fine. It's just that, as others have said, it looks like it should do this but it doesn't. I got rid of mine for that reason.

MrsBadger Thu 12-Feb-09 09:06:24

will it fit in a normal moses basket stand eg this or this?

Hopefully Thu 12-Feb-09 10:42:59

It doesn't go flat on the floor, but we still used ours for a lot of naps with no problem at all. It's on an ever so slight upwards incline, but DS has never objected! Actually it's quite useful as you can 'jiggle' it to make them fall asleep...

Bumpsadaisie Thu 12-Feb-09 18:27:27


Just had a very enlightening nip into John Lewis - you can put it flat on the floor - I have seen it done with my own eyes!

First take the carrycot off the chassis. Then press in the big round white buttons and at the same time push forward at the end of the plastic arms (hold at the end for max leverage) so that they rotate from being perpendicular to the carrycot to being near-horizontal. This makes the metal bar under the carrycot slide forward.

Then it stands flat on the four feet because the ends of the plastic arms no longer protrude.

Off to see if it works with ours. John Lewis did say there have been some problems with the white buttons generally and so if you can't do it with yours this may be the issue.

You can also fit it pretty snuggly into one of the Mamas and Papas moses baskets (the one that John lewis are selling for about £27). I didn't try any other brand as they didn't have any others on display.

Bumps x

Bumpsadaisie Thu 12-Feb-09 18:29:49

PS Reading the above back I realise I can't actually remember whether he held in the white buttons and pushed the arms forward towards the foot of the carrycot or pulled them back towards the head, but off to experiment!

Pippinella Fri 13-Feb-09 20:40:48

Yes it can be done! Although make sure you have the two thin plastic strips inserted into the channels at each end -when I had one these were supplied loose in the carrycot and I didn't know what they were for (to stiffen the carrycot!) and couldn't work out for ages how to stop the carrycot collapsing when on the floor blush

gcas Sat 02-Jan-16 08:00:51

The thin metal bar linking the two arms together (that runs under the cot) easily pulls out allowing you to fold the arms up further.

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