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Favourite toy for 3yo girl ?

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emmielou Sat 09-Apr-05 21:09:24

It will be DD's 3rd birthday.. just wondered what the favourite toys are for 3yo girls..

Yorkiegirl Sat 09-Apr-05 21:17:46

Message withdrawn

Mum2Ela Sat 09-Apr-05 21:25:26

DD is 2.5 so a bit younger, but her favourite thing in the whole wide world is her dressing up box. Just a huge storage bucket with lots of dressing-up dresses and tiaras, hawiian skirt, daft glasses, the lot!

She also likes Tomy Aquadraw and her space hopper.

She likes Polly Pocket, but I hate it, too fiddly and constantly sucking the stupid tiny bits up the hoover!

For quiet play or if we go out to a restaurant etc. she likes those cards with holes in that you thread the lace through, from elc.

If she is going out with daddy she loves her electric motorbike thingamy.

Socci Sat 09-Apr-05 21:32:13

Message withdrawn

jjash Sat 09-Apr-05 21:38:34

Dora the Explorer .DD is obsessed.ELC do dress up outfits for dress up dora .So stylish !!

Socci Sat 09-Apr-05 21:41:54

Message withdrawn

Branster Sat 09-Apr-05 21:43:59


Xzebra Sat 09-Apr-05 21:46:04

Little plastic animals, little stuffed toy animals. She takes them with her everywhere, they share her breakfast, they are her "babies", we have to constantly play role play with them (gnerally consists of "Hello! I'm zebra, who are you? Would you like to dance?" etc.)

TinyGang Sat 09-Apr-05 22:07:33

Dressing up, Barbie, more dressing up!

TinyGang Sat 09-Apr-05 22:09:47

Oh yes, most certainly the Aquadraw - big favourite all round. Also likes blackboard and chalks too.

binkie Sat 09-Apr-05 22:13:00

dressing up; but if only one thing, a pair of fairy wings

dd is four and a half now and the wings are still the first thing on every weekend morning

LIZS Sun 10-Apr-05 09:53:18

Oh, so many .... highlights for dd 3 1/2 atm include

Fairy Palace pop up book- 3d model with cardboard fairy characters
Barbie and Shelly stuff (yuk to the little pieces though - hoover fodder!)
Disney Princess scooter
tp trampoline with handle
Lego Duplo, FP Little People figures/playsets etc(they all interact with each other , including Fairies, Little People, Incredibles and Thunderbirds, courtesy of ds! )

dropinthe Sun 10-Apr-05 09:56:07

Would she like any Action Men bearing oozis?!

Jbck Sun 10-Apr-05 11:06:20

DD 3.5 loves all of the above especially dressing up, kitchen & all associated household items. Shame they don't work or she could hoover, make the dinner & iron to her heart's content in my house.
Also loves craft type things sticky paper, beads to make jewellery, sticky pom poms & glitter (the bane of my life!) We've just made some paper chains to decorate the bannisters & have a celebration. Most likely Teddies birthday again.

gingerbear Sun 10-Apr-05 11:22:25

Shops - DD has a cash register, basket, packets of food and vegetables. We spend hours playing shops.

Also - dolls teaparties / picnics are in favour at the moment.

And anything gadgety she can use our digital camera better than DH can!

gingerbear Sun 10-Apr-05 11:23:30

She also adores her wooden train track and has her eye on a multi-storey car park.

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