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Boys clothes

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charlieandlola Sun 08-Feb-09 22:24:11

DS is 7 and is starting to notice clothes...
I normally buy his stuff from m&s, boden, tesco and Next so I guess I am going to have to up my game.
Which shops/labels pass the pre teenager test?
Am not prepared to play the designer clothes game, as it would bankrupt us. Just would like him to feel that he is a bit more funky... My mother refused to involve me in clothes decisions,I had to wear what I was given ( most of which she made) and I am determined that ds will not look like a nerd ( as I did).

nicolamumof3 Mon 09-Feb-09 08:42:54

try h&m they do some really nice funky stuff my ds1 who's 9 likes and recently before they went under adams was getting really good. my ds is into the skinny jeans/baseball boots, waistcoat look and they catered well for this. George at asda always do some great t-shirts for the summer as do peacocks with cool designs on for just a couple of pounds. i have three boys to dress btw!

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