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Mercedes C Class Estate/estates generally?

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verygreenlawn Sun 08-Feb-09 09:42:36

Am going this weekend to look at a year old one - but not sure if we can fit 3 car seats across the back so it may be a wasted journey.

We need to fit in 1 baby seat and 2 boosters.

We've been looking so far at mpvs but we've got a touran at the moment and have never once used the rear 2 seats, and would prefer an estate to drive.

Any views/recommendations? TIA.

Teaandcake Sun 08-Feb-09 10:18:38

Don't know much about Merc C class estates (other than the fact that they look v lovely), sorry.

Have you looked at the Honda FRV? This is the one I really covet but can't afford!

I has 3 full size seats in the front and in the back meaning it will fit 6 adults properly without being squashed in (therefore car seats will go in without any trouble at all). I know its not actually an estate but it looks sooo good.

I also love the Merc E class estate (the boot is cavernous) and the Honda Accord Estate (so pretty), but again, dreaming is free!

Ooh I love estate cars, so much better than saloons.

verygreenlawn Sun 08-Feb-09 10:27:26

Thanks Teaandcake, do you know I love the look of the FR-V but after phoning round for the last month trying to get a test drive I've lost the will to live with Honda! Have phoned them several times and they just don't return the calls, nor have they sent the brochure they promised! Shame, I do like the fact that it isn't a traditional looking mpv.

cmotdibbler Sun 08-Feb-09 15:07:30

We've just been looking at estates. Didn't like the drive of the C Class, loved the Audi A4 (but the normal has a very soft suspension, S line much better), BMW 3 Series estate was OK, but not thrilled with it.

Have ended up buying a Mazda 6 estate - really well equipped, fab boot size. Don't know about 3 seats across, but might be OK.

I currently have a Merc B class that has integrated booster seats, and that will fit a full seat in the middle with no problem

pooka Sun 08-Feb-09 15:11:28

We recently looked at Mercedes estates, and audis as well.

THe way the seats were arranged in the back made me think it would be a tight squeeze for 3 car seats. I've certainly got more space in my verso.

Am getting an FRV on the 1st March! v. excited

We had no problems getting a test drive and info from them. Must vary from dealership to dealership.

verygreenlawn Sun 08-Feb-09 18:41:24

Thanks very much for the info, the Mercedes defo wasn't for us - BUT we did manage to take out a Honda FR-V and really liked it. Felt sorry for the salesman, we had all 3 adults in the front and 3 dcs in the back with ds2 talking constantly about poo during the drive, lovely. pooka I seem to be following you round the boards about cars! Also toying with another Touran because of the huge boot space, but I must admit the Honda badge (actually any Japanese badge) is a big plus, and the Touran is a very bog standard people carrier.

cmotdibbler we used to have a Mazda (not an estate though) and it was amazing - really reasonable to run and service and in three years it never once let us down.

pooka Sun 08-Feb-09 19:56:00

That sounds like a proper test drive - testing the car capacity to the max! All you needed were some suitcases and a dog, and you'd have looked like a honda ad in the brochure. wink

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