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laundry basket for kids room

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starlover Fri 08-Apr-05 14:07:29

I need a laundry basket to put in ds's room... not too big.
he has a kind of bright animal theme going on (mothercare baby circus is part of it), so want something that will go with that...

any ideas anyone?

csa Fri 08-Apr-05 21:35:25

hello starlover, not quite a laundry basket but what i did was to convert a pillowcase into a laundry bag for ds by sewing/inserting a cord around the rim. use an animal themed pillowcase perhaps? also, got a real cheapo 50p hook from the local shop and stuck a tractor tom sticker on it and stuck it on ds room wall to hang the laundry bag from and he thinks it's christmas all over again

Aero Fri 08-Apr-05 22:10:45

We got nice bright ones from Ikea, but can't find a link.

bibiboo Sat 09-Apr-05 09:56:59

Saw some of those pop-up ones in Homebase yesterday (for toys or laundry) - they fold away flat after use. They had Spiderman and Barbie, then their own range, spaceships and jungle I think. Argos has similar. Hope that helps.
Also, I second Ikea for simple storage. We've got a fold away laundry basket for £2.50! Not all that stylish, but washable and folds flat.

starlover Sat 09-Apr-05 15:20:11

csa.. that's a very good idea! Although I am not the best sewer in the world... might give it a go!
also will check out ikea and homebase for the easy no-sew option!

Thanks all!

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