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Phil & Teds Sport - 4 recline positions - REALLY?!

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UmSami Thu 05-Feb-09 08:55:35

To all you P&T lovers out there...please help.
I love my P&T, but hate the says there are 4 recline positions for the front seat but stupid old me cant work them out...anyone out there with the smarts and experience to explain to me how it works...
Here's hoping...

UmSami Thu 05-Feb-09 11:04:14

Oh i'm not entirely dense...I have managed the 3 simple ones...I think!
1: flat
2: zips closed
3: ?
4: upright - all zips & clips closed..
Anyone got any experience of ages too?

differentCupID Thu 05-Feb-09 11:07:50

are there clips on the outside?

UmSami Thu 05-Feb-09 11:14:22

yep...2 at top and bottom...
Also two smaller ones on inside, right on the top edge of the best guess is that just closing those and zip gives position 3...but seems a bit flimsy

differentCupID Thu 05-Feb-09 11:21:15

they should be safe enough. I mean it's only for a short [eriod you'd use them any way- after that it will either be fully upright or unclipped to snooze.
I hardly ever see anyone with baby in the third position.

larsazlol Thu 05-Feb-09 13:51:37

upright zips and clips closed
inbetween zips open clips closed
nearly flat zips closed clips open
flat all open

it took me ages to find that mystical fourth position!

belleymum Sun 08-Feb-09 16:17:16

It reclines that much?
My poor daughter! What a numpty, I feel so guilty now.
I know the doubles seat reclines but does anyone else have a problem with LO's head touching the metal bumber bar?

UmSami Tue 10-Feb-09 07:14:37

Thanks all will play! The bar on the doubles seat scares me too...not tried it yet as ds is nearly 3 and doesnt have hope of getting head under it, and dd is only 3 months and still a bit wee!
What ages did you all put dc on reclined doubles seat...dd is getting a bit bored in the darkness of the newborn position...
Also can you only use the mainseat in the upright position when the double is on the back or can I use it in the elusive position too?

belleymum Tue 10-Feb-09 17:37:31

I've had a muck around and found you can only really use the zips to recline the front seat whilst using the doubles one. It's better if the doubles seat is reclined at the same time too.
I put dd in the seat at five months with some cushioning either side of her head to minimise the wobble. It was too late really because she had to bend her neck in the cocoon from about three months (but she did sleep well in it). She sleeps just as well in the seat anyway.

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