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Best baby doll with real hair and eyelids that move?

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Merlot Fri 08-Apr-05 12:07:40

I'm looking to buy a cheap doll that has hair and moveable eyelids.

My ds2 (18 mths) was so enchanted with the doll the speech and language therapist used that I feel that I must go and get him one. I'm hoping it will help teach him body parts (eyes,nose etc..)

I'm not looking to spend a lot of money, but from what I've seen dolls tend to fall into the moulded hair and painted eyes (Baby Annabel) versions or are Barbie type things.

I'm really looking for a dolly that is baby/toddler like doll (not grown up Bratz or Barbie stuff) but it must have hair and eyelashes.........Can anyone help point me in the right direction please?

colditzmum Fri 08-Apr-05 12:12:36

I think old fashioned baby dolls had hair and eye lashes, so maybe a trip to the car boot is in order?

Merlot Fri 08-Apr-05 12:14:00

Colditz your absolutely right - my mum binned my old ones about 2 years ago! Have to say that they didnt have much hair left as I had merrily been playing hairdresser with most of them

LIZS Fri 08-Apr-05 12:14:18

Ther eis a slection fo You and Me dolls here some of which have closing eyes etc. dd had 12 " one suitable from aged 12 months which had a soft body and magnetic accessories and hands, plus opening eyes, but can't see it now.

starlover Fri 08-Apr-05 12:17:12

tiny tears has hair, but not sure if her eyes open and close.

I am sure that they are around... have you tried looking in gamleys or something like that? I looked on the website but they only have baby annabelle, or chou chou on there... our local branch has a lot more in store though

Merlot Fri 08-Apr-05 12:17:30

Thanks Lizs - The Speech and Language therapist's doll came from ToysRus in the bargain bucket section, so I am going to make a special trip there to see what I can find. I will check out the You and Me dolls

LIZS Fri 08-Apr-05 12:18:18

Yes, Tiny Tears' eyes do open but don't think the younger version does.

maddiemo Fri 08-Apr-05 12:20:08

My ds had a baby Weewee to help with potty training. It had a mop of hair and eyes with lashes that opened and closed. Think it cost about £20. It had a potty and bottle and could walk and wee.

We used ours for speech therapy at home as it could be made to sit stand jump etc. It was good for "give dolly apple" type play. I gave mine to s friends dd as he has outgrown it.

Merlot Fri 08-Apr-05 12:24:32

Thanks everyone

Baby Weewee sounds like she might prove a good investment....especially with the potty training

jjash Fri 08-Apr-05 12:31:04

Just inspected dds Tiny Tears - has hair and eyes that open and close and comes with bottle to drink which it then wees out .Think water you give it comes out as tears too [ obviously given the dolls name - duh me ]
Dont know how much as it was pressie but its arms and legs move to sit etc.Dd loves it

starlover Fri 08-Apr-05 12:38:58

tiny tears can be found here

maddiemo Fri 08-Apr-05 12:42:28

Merlot, Baby Weewee is all boy so to speak. You lift up his willy to make him wee.

It did help ds4 with both speech and potty training so was a good buy.

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