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Shall I buy from Oxford Pram Centre??? Advice/experiences please

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jkb Wed 04-Feb-09 17:51:28


I am about to order the Phil & teds Vibe with accessories .......(need to order within the next day really)
& the oxford pram centre seem to have a fab deal (£150 cheaper than Mothercare)... I think I would prefer to order from mothercare just in case of any problems (& would hope they would give a loan buggy etc...????) however, I really want to make this huge saving??
Have any of you had any dealings with Oxford pram centre? Do you think they are a good company to order from? & am I being niave about mothercare? Is their service that great anyway??

Thank you

nicolamumof3 Wed 04-Feb-09 18:33:23

Yes i ordered my P&T from opc, their c/s has been excellent much better than reports i've heard about mothercare.

Lotster Wed 04-Feb-09 18:48:21


I ordered the Vibe on Monday from the Oxford Pram Centre, it arrived today (one day delay due to snow). Really friendly ladies on the phone answered all my questions before I placed my online order. Really pleased with the pushchair! And the price is fab too isn't it? Down by at least £20 from last week.

I ordered a spare inner tube too as Phil and Ted's don't include them.

OPC are doing well financially too, and about to move their shop to even biger premises which I checked as ordering online can be a bit daunting with companies going out of business at the mo.

HTH smile

jkb Wed 04-Feb-09 19:01:05

Thank u very much... do you think its worth getting the inner tube then? is this incase of punctures? cos they have a TYRE on there too? which is best to get? I remember someone saying you need a pump???????? do you have one of these? do i need one

Lotster Wed 04-Feb-09 19:13:05

hmm, not sure, I got the tube as she recommended it and it's £6, she said to use a standard bicycle pump for inflating.

This is the only thing I'm disappointed by to be honest, you'd think for the price they would provide something. My Mountain Buggy came with a spare tube and the pump, but she said that's theonly brand she knows of that does this...

wideratthehips Wed 04-Feb-09 19:47:50

i live very near the shop and bought a p&t from there and they very kindly assembled it all so we could push it home......about 6 months later i had a problem with a clip and they replaced it there and then.

i think as a company they are fine but i found on subsequent visits the staff a bit arsey....i wanted to buy a wheelybug and asked if they could order me a new one...not the display model that had been knocked around the shop and was sun faded (they are displayed in the window).....they looked at me like i'd two heads and said they only stocked one of each type and wouldn't order one for me....their loss. so subsequently i have bought other sruff (like buggy board) from mothercare or stuff from other internet sites.

Swedes Wed 04-Feb-09 19:53:50

I bought my P&T from them. They were fine when they were schmoozing me for a sale... and the pushchair & everything turned up as planned etc. But I subsequently discovered I had needlessly purchased a P& T carseat as it was compatible with the Britax car seat I already had and the bastards wouldn't take back the car seat.

I still have in brand new and unused in a cupboard in the bootroom.

Swedes Wed 04-Feb-09 19:57:37

I still have it brand new etc.

Aftersales garbage.

Qally Wed 04-Feb-09 21:43:59

There are loads of complaints about Mothercare on the pregnancy threads atm? No idea about OPC, but I ordered from Lullabys ( who also have a real life shop, apparently it's award winning. They offered big discounts on my Xplory (no car, live in a city, so worth it to us) and their customer service has been totally brilliant. I called in a flap about the instructions making no sense when I swapped carrycot to chair and the raincover didn't look right, and they instantly knew what I meant and explained how it went on. They also remind me that it's their responsibility to look after the purchase for two years, and have shuffled delivery dates, colours etc. for me at short notice. Freefone number as well, and really friendly, helpful staff - I started threads on them, I've been that impressed. No clue if they sell P & T though?

I used a credit card with them, all the same. I'd not buy anything expensive without doing so right now, from anyone, as you can't guarantee you'll get your money back with any other form of payment, should the company in question go belly up.

SweetApril Wed 04-Feb-09 22:10:22

Sorry, this is not helping with Oxford Pram Centre but I just had to second Qally's vote for Lullabys. Their customer service is outstanding. I ended up buying all the "big" stuff from them - cot, buggy, car seats - because of that. Have had similar experience of not being able to put the cot together and they knew exactly where I was going wrong and talked me through it over the phone with patience and good humour and without making me feel like a total fool! Not supercheap prices but def competitive as far as I could see.

EldonAve Thu 05-Feb-09 07:57:08

I was happy with my order from OPC, no issues

jkb Thu 05-Feb-09 12:33:51

thank u all for your replies

OxfordPram Fri 14-Nov-14 16:53:38

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