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Homebase or don't?

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bibiboo Fri 08-Apr-05 08:54:19

We are thinking of replacing our kitchen and can actualyy afford the shaker style one Homebase are advertising at the mo.
Anyone had any experience of them. Are they hardwearing? Awkward? Fabulous or not worth the bother?

Thanks ladies! (and gents if you're lurking)

NoPearls Fri 08-Apr-05 09:01:42

Yes, go for it - we put in a new Homebase kitchen last Easter and it is still standing, despite our DIY! I was told that the units are made by the same firm who make them for Magnet. We have the cream shaker kitchen and have had no problems with it.

Are you planning to install it yourselves? We did, and whilst it's never going to be fun putting it all together, all the bits were there and the helpline was good about the bits that had been damaged - we had a cracked bit of pipework for the sink. One mistake we made was putting a doorhandle on the door of a corner unit, where it shouldn't have been - can't take it off as there'll be two great big drill holes, so it had to stay and we just had to adjust the other door so it only scrapes slightly over the handle when it opens...

bibiboo Fri 08-Apr-05 11:54:30

thanks nopearls

bump??? any recommendations fo Ikea/focus/mfi kitchens or warnings?

chonky Fri 08-Apr-05 12:00:32

We installed (well, paid a fitter to install ) a Homebase kitchen last year. The units were easily as good quality as the magnet ones my dh had had put into his house the year before, but 1/3 of the price!

The Homebase manager said to find your own kitchen fitter though, or DIY, as the company that is linked to Homebase costs ££££££££

starlover Fri 08-Apr-05 12:21:10

wouldn't go with MFI.. my parents had nothing but trouble with theirs.

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