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Long Sleeve White T's.

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jojo28 Thu 07-Apr-05 13:48:36

Really need to get some long sleeve white t shirt's for DS who is 3 in August. Can't seem to get hold of any. Have looked in Hennes, all short sleeved or colours, none in Gap or John Lewis. They are useful in this weather when it's to cold for just t-shirts. Any thoughts?

blodwen Thu 07-Apr-05 22:24:32

Pretty sure they do them in Tesco.

jojo28 Fri 08-Apr-05 00:12:30

Thanks blodwen will check Tesco's out.

vickiyumyum Fri 08-Apr-05 10:20:25

hi jojo28 - in our local tescos they do long sleeve t-shirts in plain colours in the value range (about £1.25 each) and i'm pretty dure that they do white.
otherwise gap, but they are far more expensive about £9.

Newbarnsleygirl Fri 08-Apr-05 10:21:13

Boots do them as well.

jojo28 Fri 08-Apr-05 14:16:58

I went to tescos today no clothes at all apart from babygrows etc. What kind of store am i looking for? Thought this one was quite a big one, obviously not! They don't do them online do they? Will try Boots, any one know a branch in London that does clothes? Looked in Gap couldn't find any, am I being this rate I would pay £9 as it would extend freezing sons wardrobe considerably!

blodwen Sun 10-Apr-05 17:44:25

If you haven't had any luck, I can get you some in our Tesco (am in there a couple of times a week) and post them to you. No trouble. Let me know.

breeze Sun 10-Apr-05 17:54:39

Definately tesco's have them. Well ours does anyway

Yorkiegirl Sun 10-Apr-05 17:59:13

Message withdrawn

jojo28 Sun 10-Apr-05 18:53:33

Wow you guys.....! Shucks! That is so kind, I am feeling a bit dim though, which isle should I have been looking in? If someone would get me some I'd be very grateful, who wants the mission!? I am in London...could send a cheque? Let me know Yorkiegirl or Blodwen

blodwen Sun 10-Apr-05 21:44:35

I am going to Tesco tomorrow afternoon. How many would you like? Your ds is nearly 3? Is he big, small or average for his age?

jojo28 Sun 10-Apr-05 22:00:25

Hi blodwen my ds is almost 3 and that is the size i would buy him in Gap, even though he is quite petite I'd rather they come up large - if possible could you get me about 4. Shall I send the money by cheque - tell me what's best.

Earlybird Sun 10-Apr-05 22:04:05

jojo28 - FYI, I got dd a long sleeved white tshirt at H&M on Oxford Street last week (Thursday). The shirt is basic, not girly, so should work for a boy too. Bought at the branch across from M&S Oxford Circus.

blodwen Sun 10-Apr-05 22:12:44

I will get them tomorrow and CAT you for your address when I've got them and to tell you how much to make the cheque out for.

jojo28 Sun 10-Apr-05 22:23:16

Blodwen you are a star, thanks alot for the kind offer will await the email, oh and if it's not too much trouble I'll have a shoulder of lamb some fairy liquid and a pack of brillo too.

Thanks for info. Earlybird, will check it out, any excuse to go to Oxford Street for a bit of a splurge! Just wondering do you know where the biggest branch of Boots is in London? My Mum has a huge one in Brighton with children's clothes but I can't think of one in central, London they are all quite small.

Earlybird Sun 10-Apr-05 22:32:47

jojo28 - I haven't been to it lately, but there was a fairly large Boots on upper Regent Street (east side of the street, north of Oxford Circus), and a decent sized one on the King's Road. Other than that, the ones I know about are fairly small. I have never seen a Boots with kid's clothes in London...or anywhere! Expect that London rents would make it prohibitive for them to rent that sort of space.

jojo28 Sun 10-Apr-05 22:45:24

Good to know my retail knowledge is still pretty current! Probably right the rents make it too expensive - hasn't stopped Starbucks from taking over the High Street though, I was on Upper Street in Islington today and counted 4! Still waiting for ours in Kentish Town though ! OK for betting shops though .

hoxtonchick Sun 10-Apr-05 22:46:22

an enormous new boots is opening soon near bond st tube. massive. hopefully will have clothes.

jojo28 Sun 10-Apr-05 22:54:28

Ohhh that's what's been going on... bloody hell that's going to be the kiss of death for me and my wallet. Always seem to be able to spend alot of money in those big Boots on I don't know what. My Mums one in Brighton has a fantastic make up department and toy's.

SueW Mon 11-Apr-05 06:52:08

There used to be a large Boots on Kensington High Street but it's about 4 years since I was there so it might have gone!

blodwen Mon 11-Apr-05 18:21:04

Sorry JoJo28 - I went to Tesco and they've all gone! Only short-sleeved and vest ones now for the summer! Good luck with your search anyway.

jojo28 Mon 11-Apr-05 18:40:20

Thanks blodwen - I'm sure I will find some, thanks for trying.

KBear Mon 11-Apr-05 18:46:15

jojo - where in London are you? The Boots stores that sell clothes in my next of the woods are Bluewater (Greenhithe), Lakeside (Thurrock). Crayford, Charlton.

Hopefully, spring is sprung so you might get away with short sleeved ones now!

KBear Mon 11-Apr-05 18:46:38

meant "neck of the woods" of course!

jojo28 Mon 11-Apr-05 22:12:44

I am in North London - this is so annoying I got some great ones last year from Hennes... proper t-shirts as well not underwear ones, you know? What makes me laugh is you can now get loads of those t-shirts that look as though they are short sleeved t's over longed sleeve white ones but you can't just get a bloody white one so you can put your own one over! . Gap do do white ones for older boys a 'layering t' they call it but they don't do them for under 4's... some of you are surely thinking 'get a life' by now so I will shut up!!

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