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New Classic FM CD for Babies

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Waswondering Thu 07-Apr-05 10:24:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

JulieF Thu 07-Apr-05 23:15:03

Think its a bit of a con really. we have always got classical music playing and it doesn't have much effect on ds. You may as well put relaxing classics at 7 on or whatver its called on Classic FM

Apparently though listening to classical music is good for their development generally and if you play your baby music whilst in the womb, after they are born that same music will calm them.

Hazellnut Fri 08-Apr-05 08:36:31

I tried to get dd (10 weeks) to sleep a bit earlier last night than the usual 10-11 pm. My Mum had suggested putting the radio on whilst she was settling so, in a bid to educate (?!) I put on classic FM and she wouldn't settle so bought her downstairs for a bit and then had a brain wave and took her back upstairs and put on heart fm - this is usually what I play in the car where she usually goes off to sleep and although that is probably due more to the car movement thought it might do the trick and .... it did !!! She has also just gone down for a morning snooze and seems to be working again ! This is what she probably would have heard a lot of in the womb too as we wake up to it too..... so am clearly going to have a child into rubbish chart tunes rather than the classical musical genius I was hoping for .... next time I am pregnant I will only put on classic FM !!

I did buy the original classic FM for babies CD as dd seemed to like the Brahms lullaby on her monitor but it seemed much less effective when played by full orchestra than the tinny tune on the monitor - hmmm....

Carameli Fri 08-Apr-05 13:29:08

I listened to lots of classical music when I was pregnant, some soft and calming others a bit more vibrant. I also listened to lots of Dido in the car and after my dd was born the same tumes certainly worked with her.

Another thing that worked when she was a little older and was having a rough night was to have a radio on quite low near her cot. Someone told me and I thought they were mad at first but it did work. I suppose when they are used to be surrounded by people taling and then are suddenly in a quiet room on their own it must be a bit worrying if you are tiny and don't understand.

louloubelle Fri 08-Apr-05 13:42:06

Hi...I got the CD for Christmas, and I think it is good for car journeys if you want your baby to sleep. It usually works for mine. Mind you I'm fairly addicted to Radio 4 so baby is used to background noise...

Waswondering Fri 08-Apr-05 13:44:21

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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