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Aargh too much choice! Please find us a new family car...

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amazonianwoman Fri 30-Jan-09 14:58:16

My head is spinning after reading WhatCar/Parkers/Timesonline/readers' reviews and I can only cope with 10mins in a showroom before DS goes into meltdown.

Here are our requirements:

- a Very Big Boot - currently have a VW Passat saloon (+ roofbox) and it was packed to the gunnels the last time we went camping - and that was before DS was born. So, no saloons, nothing with a smaller/same size boot. This is a priority!

- good safety rating obviously.

- diesel, not less than 140bhp, with good combined mileage eg over 40mpg

- would prefer 3 proper seats across the back because friend & I take turns on the school run so regularly have 3 kids in tow. We often take MIL out and I can barely breathe squeezed in btw DD & DS (I'm 5ft 10, amazonian by name & nature) This is pretty important too.

- either new (with a good discount via eg or 1yr old max.

- good spec, ie climate control, elec windows front & back, somewhere to plug in ipod (will be driving over to France for summer camping trips etc, plus camping trips in this country)

Have looked at Ford S-max (but can't get excited by Fords?) Toyota Verso (boot not very big) Passat Estate (read of too many major probs) Ford Mondeo estate (yawn) Toyota Avensis tourer (a bit dull) Audi A6 estate (same size as Passat so same problem re 3 in the back) .....

DH of course wants something flash like a Volvo XC90 or Audi Q7. I need to come up with some sensible alternative before he goes off & buys one.

Help please grin

nappyaddict Fri 30-Jan-09 15:12:59

Grand Scenic or Vauxhall Zafira.

herbietea Fri 30-Jan-09 15:22:29

Message withdrawn

herbietea Fri 30-Jan-09 15:31:18

Message withdrawn

ohdearwhatamess Fri 30-Jan-09 16:43:27

I'd get the Volvo XC90 on that spec. Have friend with one and she loves it!

amazonianwoman Fri 30-Jan-09 17:01:26

Will have a look at citroen thanks. Think it was voted whatcar best MPV!

I'm guessing the xc90 would be out of budget? Would I not be slated on the school run as it's a 4x4?!

ContainsMildPeril Fri 30-Jan-09 17:10:51

Citroen Berlingo - it is a van and drives a bit like one but i just love mine. And it's huge inside and so is the boot!

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Fri 30-Jan-09 17:15:06

Audi Q5. They look like a model between the A6 and the Q7.

amazonianwoman Fri 30-Jan-09 17:40:35

I saw a Q5 this week but the boot didn't look very big?

Off to the citroen show room tomorrow smile

cmotdibbler Fri 30-Jan-09 20:32:56

The Mazda 6 estate is huge in the back. Currently I have a Mercedes B Class and that has bucket loads of room in the back sear and a nice drive too (in the Sport kit)

charlieandlola Fri 30-Jan-09 20:46:28

XC90 or Merc C class estate, or E class estate.
Or actually, maybe a new X5 ( under 225 g co2)

arabicabean Fri 30-Jan-09 22:33:17

Most definitely an E class estate (sport) is the car to go for, refined and understated. A very nice car.

hmc Sun 21-Jun-09 23:21:10

Late post to a defunct thread - but don't buy an XC90, there is a group civil action against Volvo in USA because of tendancy for automatic gearbox to die at around 40,000 - 50,000 miles. Like mine just has! -at 37,000 miles, replacement cost £3000 for the part plus labour. We are trading in and getting an ex-demo Audi Q5

Skoda Octavia has a pretty big boot. Don't know about safety ratings or diesel options.

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