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any owners of phil teds e3???is it strong enugh

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shazia1 Wed 06-Apr-05 15:43:58

Hiya I ve already been online asking about phil teds e3 and have just bought one from babybasics and it looks fab but........are u all sure the clips at back wont break off after using as only stuck by thread...Is it safe for my 6month old alone in 2nd or 1st position ,,,,,why do i find it so hard changing postiions for seating feels like cloth gonoo rip....,,,,and how do u guys manage when u are out and about.....example if my 2 yr sits at front and baby in back seat what happens when the baby wants to sleep????
and when u take baby out to take big one out second where will i stick her ,,,on pavement to stop pushcair not tripping>>>>>confused like p &t but when think of scenarios going mad.....

Bagpuss30 Wed 06-Apr-05 15:55:00

Not sure what you mean about the clips at the back but mine is fine and I have been using for a year with dd aged 2 yrs. I'm sure more people will be able to help you with the doubles configuration - I have only used as a single so far.

jenkel Wed 06-Apr-05 18:28:07

Ok, hope I can help with some of your questions. I have been using a e3 with doubles kit now for a year with an 18 months age difference. It seems very strong, no sign of anything likely to break yet, not sure what you mean about the cloth feeling like its going to rip, I havent felt that at all. And I can honestly say it seems really stable and I have had no fear of it tipping, with either of mine in either of the seats, they swap around where they sit now.

bluebear Wed 06-Apr-05 18:55:44

I've been using mine for a year and have no worries about the strength of the clips - the cloth loosens up after a few times of changing from one position to another (although i never thought mine was going to rip)
When baby was 6 months and was in back seat I generally let her sleep in the back seat whilst the toddler stayed in the front seat.

shazia1 Wed 06-Apr-05 22:06:51

Hiya guys thanks for messages ,,i played around with pushchair and i am sure ui are right ,,,but another question where do u guys stivck shopping bags when out with both of them,,,,and when u fold the pushchair isnt it a hassle having to stivk the long strip which for wrist to big front wheel ,,,messing abt with wheels etc....

misdee Wed 06-Apr-05 22:13:08

its a bit of a faff with the wroist strap and at first i didnt use it as i didnt relasie what it was for

i rarely use shopping baskets underneath anyway, but if i need to put anything underneath i put in through the side, or lift the baby section up a bit.

shazia1 Wed 06-Apr-05 23:01:48

it a shame that for such a clever pushchair the e3 uses a odd way of binding the whole thing together using a long wrist band kinda thing,,,,im not used to this as other pushchair have had some kind of clip on side...
i feel nervous now abt going out alone with both of em my babies as b4 had excuse of avoiding leaving home now i have no choice but to get outa there???

jenkel Wed 06-Apr-05 23:12:47

To be honest, i dont worry about strapping it all together when I fold it, it just goes into the boot of the car anyway and seems more of a performance to do it, not worth the effort and in my experience it doesnt need it. Yes, it is a bit of a pain with shopping, but I just look at it as a small sacrifice with the buggy, I can get into the shops (whereas with other doubles you cant), I just cant buy anything!. Actually, you can buy panniers to fit on to the side, which I have so if I know I need them I'll put them on and all the shopping fits into these fine.

I know what you mean about feeling nervous about going out, but you just have to go for it, whats the worst that can happen!

shazia1 Wed 06-Apr-05 23:18:22

i know its just the thought of me alone with a tantrum prone 20 month old and a screaming overclingy 6 month old...but otherwise ill go mad at home,,,,u know how u just try and get loads of excuses to avoid going out and leave it till hubby cums bak from wk,,,,but now i have an e3 so i need to get do u manage to get the thing in car without it all cuming apart if u dont clip together????
where do u get clip things from?

jenkel Wed 06-Apr-05 23:50:33

The panniers clip on to the black metal frame, they have 2 fixsings each, so one low down and the other a bit further up. I kind of tip it upside down and put it in by the wheels, kind of hard to explain. Dont worry about them having a screaming fit, most other people dont notice or dont care less and if they do they just havent got anything else to fill their life then worry about your screaming kids. But I'm not being flippant and know exactly how you feel, 6 months ago I was feeling the same as you. Have you got some friends that you could go out with that have a couple of kids. It sure helped me when I seen that other peoples kids behave the same as mine. But now we go out screaming or not, I've even had to sit down on the floor with my 2 1/2 year old and have a 'talk'. When she is being really bad I change the tone of my voice and go very serious and tell her how I need her to behave, it normally works wonders.

jenkel Wed 06-Apr-05 23:53:31

Oh, have a look at the Phil & Teds site, they have a list of UK dealers, some look like they are online
you can also buy direct from Phil & Teds

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