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What can I do with....

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lunavix Wed 06-Apr-05 14:57:56

A brand new Leappad?

Ds has just been given it for his birthday, and we already have one!
I can't take it back as we don't have a receipt, and we can't ask for one (not that kind of people.)

It will just be a waste lying around...

desperatehousewife Wed 06-Apr-05 14:58:33


Titania Wed 06-Apr-05 14:58:59

when did you buy yours?? can you not use the reciept from that and take it back to that shop? I have done that before

collision Wed 06-Apr-05 15:00:00

Why not try and sell it on Mumsnet? How much are they?

lunavix Wed 06-Apr-05 15:00:07

Well we bought ours for ds for christmas, but I got it in the 3 for 2 offer at Boots on my boots points in the July before (went a bit mad and started shopping for his christmas presents months early!)

SO not only is it nearly a year old... it was on points (and in an offer). I would still have the receipt though!

Aimsmum Wed 06-Apr-05 15:00:43

Message withdrawn

NomDePlume Wed 06-Apr-05 15:00:49


lunavix Wed 06-Apr-05 15:02:10

Yeah it's blue...

Just looked on the website and its £34.99 - wonder what would be reasonable to ask?

Aimsmum - if it was pink what would you says reasonable to ask (seeing as it's the wrong colour for you

ambrosia Wed 06-Apr-05 15:07:37

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

stitch Wed 06-Apr-05 15:23:14

sell it, pass it on to someone else a s a birthdya present etc.
i usually keep stuff like this, means that when i have to give presents, have stuff already in cupboard.

Aimsmum Wed 06-Apr-05 15:33:05

Message withdrawn

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