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Carrier or sling?

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viennesewhirl Wed 28-Jan-09 19:38:48

Expecting ds no. 2 in 4 weeks' time. Had a Bjorn for no. 1, wasn't really happy with it. Am considering a sling for no. 2, but keep hearing people swear by the Ergo. Any thoughts?

CharCharGabor Wed 28-Jan-09 19:42:00

For a newborn, I'd always go for a stretchy wrap. Easy to put on and get them in and out of and they're really comfy. I prefer more structured carriers when they're a bit older.

cmotdibbler Wed 28-Jan-09 19:46:05

A stretchy wrap like a Moby, or a ringsling like an Ellaroo (the sort with an open tail) are best for newborns. Later a MeiTai is more flexible than an Ergo

RhinestoneCowgirl Wed 28-Jan-09 19:50:29

Had Bjorn for DS, same experience as you. DD is 5 weeks and has spent a lot of time in her Kari-me (stretchy wrap). Is fab & much more comfy for me, and she sleeps beautifully.

I have an ergo which we got when DS was about 9 months, good for back carries & DH liked it (more manly?!).

thisisyesterday Wed 28-Jan-09 19:51:21

yes, stretchy wrap. love my moby

gingerninja Wed 28-Jan-09 19:57:06

Ergo is better for an older baby and especially great for back carry. I have a wrap too but never wrapped DD as a newborn so can't give you any tips on how to do it 'fraid.

mrsleroyjethrogibbs Wed 28-Jan-09 20:05:11

wrapping a newborn is dead easy and very comfy.Ring slings are one of the easiest slings to use but get on with an open tail so that you can adjust the rails independantly

viennesewhirl Wed 28-Jan-09 20:19:55

Thanks everyone, I appreciate it!

mrsleroyjethrogibbs Wed 28-Jan-09 20:25:34

there is a sling for sale forum here on MN, check it out

Yeni Wed 28-Jan-09 20:46:49

A stretchy wrap is great for a newborn, but I did get on with the BB for the first few months and would use it again. I don't find the ergo at all comfortable and prefer the Beco Butterfly.

Tangle Fri 30-Jan-09 23:14:17

See if you can get to a slingmeet near you - there are a LOT of different brand slings and carriers out there, and different ones work better for different parents and different DCs. Personally I couldn't make an Ergo comfortable, but I get on well with wraps (Hug-a-Bub when DD was little, then a Didymos) and some MeiTais (only got them once DD was > 1yr - BBO and Napsack work for us, MeiTai Baby not so much). Much easier to try before you buy

Roskva Sat 31-Jan-09 09:49:55

I got an ergo when dd was about 6 months old, after she got too heavy for me to carry in a baby bjorn, and she lived in it for the next year. But 4 month old ds still can't spread his little legs wide enough to in, and he hates going in cradle style.

I've got a ring sling, but ds always ends up slightly lopsided in it and it kills my shoulder after a while anyway. I just use it in the house if he won' settle.

I've just bought a wrap, and although it is tricky to use at first, it is really comfortable. I practised with a large teddy until I felt confident to put ds in it. There are some grea videos on you tube demonstrating how to use wraps for different carries.

Tangle Sat 31-Jan-09 10:28:45

I have a friend that used a BB with her DS. They were both very happy, and she carried him facing forwards a fair amount till he was about 6-9 months. She then tried to start using a Didy wrap, but found his hips were VERY tight and he could not get his legs into the froggy position to make it comfortable and safe.

Whether that's a problem exagerated by being in the BB (the carrying position allows a much straighter hip), because he's a boy, its just the way he is or a combination of all 3 we don't know - but if you know you intend to carry your DC for longer than the BB will allow, you might want to consider using a carrier that encourages a good, flexible hip position from the start.

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